Make your own explanatory videos: these 5 apps will help you to do it

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Has your company developed a new product that now needs to be marketed? Or would you like to explain a complex issue in an understandable way? Then an explanation video could be the solution to your problems. It doesn’t always have to be a professional video. Here we show you the best software solutions so that you can make your own explanation video – quickly and easily.


GoAnimate helps you to create your video with a large number of people, motifs and movements. The colorful cartoons and colorful backgrounds make very colorful videos possible. Videos in info graphics, whiteboard and 2D style are possible. The basic version costs $39 per month. In this simple version, however, no Full HD videos can be produced, and a watermark is built into the videos.

The premium version already costs $79, but you get rid of the annoying GoAnimate logo and can also produce in full HD. If you’re willing to put a whopping $159 on the table, you’ll have additional options as a user: For example, you can import custom fonts and download animated GIFs.


PowToon offers – like GoAnimate – a wide range of images and animated cartoons. In the free version 30 animations can be exported – unfortunately not as HD video. Also a publication of the created videos is not allowed in the free version. The package for $89 per month already offers a lot more as a pro version. The Business version costs $159 per month.

With the Business version it is possible among other advantages to create a video of up to eight minutes in Full HD, while with the free version the video length is limited to five minutes and is not possible in Full HD. However, there is no need to purchase an upgrade to create longer videos. An explanatory video should be short and crisp! The ability to produce high-resolution videos, on the other hand, might be worth it for one or the other user.


Unlike PowToon and GoAnimate, which primarily offer comic-style videos to their users, Videoscribe is mainly used for whiteboard-style videos. The software is intuitive and the tutorials on the website are very helpful. Even the free trial version offers a variety of features. With the full version for €20 per month, for example, you can work offline, remove the logo and gain access to the Premium Image Store.

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Fiverr is not a do-it-yourself platform. Rather, you will find a freelancer via Fiverr who takes over parts of the video production. The tender platform offers all marketing services – at very reasonable prices. From graphic design and texts to animations and videos, you’ll find everything you need here. At the same time, you can also simply order the entire production process of your video. The freelancers also work with tools like GoAnimate or PowToon.


Voivio is – like Fiverr – a platform where you hand over the video production to external parties, i.e. an agency or a freelancer. On Voivio, you briefly describe what you want and set both the deadline and the budget.

From the offers you then choose the appropriate service provider. The website does not make any blanket statements about prices. The recommendation, however, is that you pay about €1,000 per video minute (including speaker). Thus Voivio is clearly more expensive than Fiverr. A further difference is the language: Voivio is in German, Fiverr in English.

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