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So you have an idea. And you want to bring that idea to life in order to explain it to a particular group. But explaining a topic isn’t always easy, especially if you’re heavily involved in it and know the smallest details. Your target audience likely doesn’t have that level of knowledge — and that’s where Cleverclip comes in.

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Explainer Videos for young startups to established corporations.

Make complex subjects easy to understand using an Explainer Video

People are constantly bombarded with information and advertising. This has of course also drastically reduced the concentration span. In fact, it has shrunk by almost a quarter in just 15 years, from 2000 to 2015. Now even the humble goldfish has overtaken us when it comes to concentrating on a task or an object.

To get the desired attention from the audience, explanatory videos were developed. Because through videos, brands can convey the same information to their audience, only much more compact and consumer-friendly.

But creating an explanatory video is not an easy task. Similar to an investor pitch deck, you need to focus on a single message and the specific customer profile.

And to be honest, not to mention the creation of an explanatory video is a project in itself. You need one or more ideas, a script, characters, storyboards, prototypes, animations, voiceovers, subtitles and unique background music. If you don’t have the right resources internally (and we almost assume you do), it will become a real juggling act, with lots of freelancers working on it.

We believe that creating an explanatory video should not be a burden, but rather the exact opposite: a recurring decision to convey content! Therefore, working with the right partner can be crucial when it comes to using resources and budget wisely.

Whether digital (computer animation), scribble (drawn) or individually adapted: The mixture of live-action film and animation offers a wealth of possibilities.

And we can help you with it!

What can Explainer Videos be used for?

Product Videos

95% of all new products fail - do not let your product be one of them! A dynamic video helps you to perfectly stage the product and to convey all relevant information to the target group.


Explanatory videos support the company in the area of "employer branding" and can thus become the basis for talent sourcing. At the same time important steps of the application process can be summarized.

Corporate Branding

Visual content has a stronger influence on the target group than a simple text. True to the motto "talking is silver, showing is gold", you can stage the story of your brand through an animated video.

Internal Communication

Tedious processes, different working tools and key figures - this is the daily routine of internal company procedures. From hiring to induction to expenses, an explanatory video summarizes everything important briefly and precisely - for fewer misunderstandings and better internal communication.

Client Service

Whether support videos, "How-tos" or in the context of an FAQ, with an explanatory video you prove an individual approach to your customer and ensure maximum customer satisfaction.

Product Tours

Nobody will read through a whole page of text just to understand what you are actually offering. If you can't explain your product in 30 seconds, you've already lost a potential lead. With the help of a video, this explanation can be reduced to 20 times.

Hybrid Pixel Detectors brought to life

Dectris - Swiss X-ray technology in a class of its own

The Challenge

The world of HPC technology is highly complex and the audience is very diverse. There are absolute experts in this field, but there are also laypersons who make everyday use of this technology, but cannot identify themselves precisely with the technological processes. The aim of this project was to inform the latter and to demonstrate the advantages of Dectris HPC technology. And so we were faced with a big task with many questions, because to illustrate such complex processes in a clear visual format, as well as to explain understandably was not so easy.

Instead of just providing pure facts, the explanation video should impress with appealing staging on an emotional level and reflect the corporate design.

The Solution

The result is an explanatory video that can be shown: The reduced and noble style is in harmony with the Dectris corporate design and the actual product. The animation reflects the exact processes so that the X-ray spectroscopy and the dynamic processes are easy for the viewer to understand. The voiceover is supported by faded-in hash tags, making technical vocabulary easily accessible.

How do we create Explainer Videos?

We start every project with a detailed creative workshop: Here we analyse the topic as well as the target group and explain all important questions.

We then create characters that make it easier for us to put ourselves in the shoes of the end user and really understand their needs. For this we develop a persona, i.e. a fictional depiction of the ideal customer, in order to adapt the communication strategy to the respective target group.

Now our creative minds start the hard work. We create a selection of solutions, as well as styles with which we could explain the topic.
You decide which of these suggestions will be implemented. Copywriters and designers create a storyboard – and then we wait for your feedback.

We create a prototype at an early stage so that we can make changes if necessary.

Your feedback is our top priority throughout the process, so that the final product fully meets your needs and those of your target group.

Once all parties are satisfied, the explanatory video is animated, soundtracked and given a final touch – and voilà it’s done! In the end, you will have a unique product of the highest quality that reflects both the customer and the company profile.

Stop Motion Video – self-marketing with Xing

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The video, professionally narrated and produced by Cleverclip, explains our complex software in only 90 seconds. The cooperation was pleasant, uncomplicated and, thanks to a convincing process, always comprehensible.

Reto Vogt Head of Content

How do you explain a vision and a mission? What we had as an idea was cleverly transformed by Cleverclip into a simple storyboard. Thanks to efficient project management and comprehensible illustrations and animations, the scribble video was ready in no time at all: the Biomed vision and mission explained in detail!

Thomas Schlecht Marketing Manager

We particularly appreciate the structured work process in which we received the best support from start to finish. The competent Cleverclip team asked us specific questions in order to cover all essential aspects and to present our services in a short and concise way. We thank you for the pleasant cooperation

Andreas Gurtner Head Corporate Communications

The cooperation was uncomplicated, fast and inspiring. With many years of experience, Cleverclip forces you to part with the (too) complicated language and take a new perspective - it's worth it!

Barbara Hell Communications Expert

We were looking for inspiring, entertaining learning and explanation videos - in Cleverclip we found a provider who could develop such formats exactly for us. The past co-operation was uncomplicated, professional and at the same time refreshingly relaxed!

Jakob Hasselgruber Manager Digital Learning

Thanks to an explanatory video by Cleverclip, we were able to explain an internal project in a friendly and simple way. I especially liked the uncomplicated cooperation and the committed young team. Changes and criticism were professionally accepted and quickly implemented until we were completely satisfied with the solution.

Julie-Ann Trachsel Project Officer Strategic Development

Cleverclip has put our core messages in the limelight with crisp explanatory videos. The team understood our requirements right away and incorporated our ideas well. Cleverclip works in a structured and professional way and the cooperation was always flawless and sympathetic. Keep up the good work!

Yves Farine Product Owner Web

In order to explain an internal order tool to our employees in an understandable way, we decided on an explanation video of Cleverclip. The result convinced us completely! The internal feedback was great and the video became an important tool for the visualization of the guiding ideas as well as for the internal trainings

Stefan Moser Operations Manager

Ultimate Guide on everything you need to know about Explainer Videos

1. What is an Explainer Video?

Reading is in a decline. Even at the advent of audiobooks, created solely to aid the absorption of information at a speedy rate and to improve reading culture, studies have shown that people do not read as much in recent years as they used to. Taking the time to read a 300-page book can, now, be described as a chore.

Even with this decline, the need to be able to disseminate information has not reduced. There is still a need to reach out to clients and customers for products and services by organizations and marketers. Adapting to the needs of the emerging world means that brand marketers will have to look for more innovative ways to spread the word in a quick and interesting way.

This is why Explainer Videos were created. What is then an Explainer Video?

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2. How Effective Are Explainer Videos?

Explainer videos are getting their time in the limelight. Businesses, music videos, marketers, communicators, and websites are using these short, simple videos to get their products noticed by their target audiences. Because marketing a very useful product the wrong way can lead to the product’s failure, the world’s web has created an outlet to reach as many of a company’s target audience as it desires. Companies have spent their time and resources into creating a product that is beneficial to their target audience and drawing their target audience’s attention is not the only effect that these businesses derive from using an explainer video.

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3. What is Whiteboard Animation?

Storytelling is one of the earliest arts introduced to us from a very young age. At this age, where our imaginations are still running wild, we can paint pictures and add the details to every character we imagine, with the details of the story told to us. This simple act sparked our creativity and has fed it. According to Buffer, when we are being told a story, though, things change dramatically, according to researchers in Spain. Not only are the language processing parts in our brain activated, but any other area in our brain that we would use when experiencing the events of the story are too. Whiteboard animations make use of the facts above to stimulate and increase engagement between the ‘storyteller’ and the target audience.

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4. What types of Explainer Videos exist?

The explainer video world is a very wide one. Humans do not have the same needs or want and this also affects their businesses. A company that produces housing or construction equipment would have different wants from a fashion-oriented company. Their differences will be most visible when they are designing their websites, branding, and most importantly, choosing the right type of advertising for their respective companies. Because of the needs, desires, and even the budget of different companies, there are different creative approaches to finding the right explainer video that will resonate with a brand.

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5. What is 2d Character Animation?

The success of animation movies cannot be underestimated anymore. With movies like The Lion King and Frozen grossing very highly on the box office, showing that animation cannot be seen as something to be watched by only the kids. Brand marketers, advertisers, web designers, and brands have noticed how visually appealing explainer videos are by the conversion rates, ability to show creativity and draw the audience’s attention, return on investment, ease of use, and the shortness of these videos and have decided to incorporate these into advertising their products and services.

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6. What is 2d Motion Graphics Animation?

The differences in the needs between every company vary as much as the difference in each industry and product or service. This is why there is a need for a different type of advertisement to portray each idea, brand, and function. Some companies can use a simple 2d character animation video to explain what their organization does because its services or products are not as complex as other companies. For example, an e-commerce brand does not need an explainer video that will shine so much light on its function as much as a software company would. This is why there is a need for a type of animation that can explain the complexity of the product or service in a way that the target audience would understand. This is what makes 2d motion graphics animation a necessity for organizations with complex procedures.

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7. What is 3d Animation?

Realism means the depiction of a subject or topic without adding any supernatural or unreal elements. It can also be said to be describing the subject in all truthfulness by avoiding the addition of exotic elements to it. Humans feel strongly towards things that we perceive are real than things that we think are not. This is why Brand managers, web designers, marketers, and advertisers have decided to incorporate more thought-provoking and relatable approaches to advertising their products. The depiction of a product using characters that are real to the target audience without adding any extra elements makes the product or service one that is more trustworthy to them.

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8. What is 2.5d Animation?

Organizations think of the best way to maximize their return on investment and conversion rates by working on getting the best of both worlds during advertising. Brands have to pay attention to their profit and need to make a calculated decision, looking at their products, developmental costs, and the audiences’ wants, during every budgetary session. This means that they will make an explainer video that will trick their audience into thinking it is of more quality and that more expense was spared in making the video. This exact need is what introduced and increased the need for the creation of 2.5d animation.

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9. What is Live Animation?

Advertising means showcasing an organization’s products in a way that converts the viewers. So there is a need to build the relationship between a brand and its target audience. Brands depend on the creation of a connection between itself and its customers and are in constant search of how to draw more attention from its clients to reach its own goals. Animation is on the rise, but with most organizations choosing to draw and animate its objects, there is a market for building personal relationships between the real people behind the brand’s walls. People need to feel like their voices are heard and prefer meeting ‘the man behind the curtain’. This need is what birthed live action.

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10. What is Live Action Animation with Track Elements?

Future technology has promised 3d holographic devices that have been immersed into our bodies to make for easy use and seamless and breathtaking performance in its possible holographic capabilities. This has completely revolutionized the tech industry and people have found this idea extremely appealing. Brand marketers, advertisers, communicators, and businesses have taken this interest into consideration by immersing this style into advertising their products. If there is already a mix of 3d and 2d animation that created the 2.5d animation, why can’t there be a fusion of motion graphics and live-action?

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11. How can Explainer Videos help businesses?

There has been a boom in the usage of explainer videos to assist businesses with advertising their new/existing products, explaining problems and new tricks and tips to using their products. From educational to business purposes, explainer videos prove to be relevant in assisting businesses to pass their most important information in the shortest amount of time, leading to higher profits.

People are lazy and do not care to read a page-long text to get the reason for the write-up. According to the research on how little users read, only 20% of the text is read on an average page and users only read 28% of the words on a page with 593 words if they spend all their time reading, which is not possible. Studies have also shown that videos improve learning by up to 400% and an average person only remembers a fifth of what they hear.

With the research and studies on human behavior that has taken place, it is essential to know what explainer videos do and how it helps businesses.

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12. How can HR Managers use Explainer Videos?

Human resources remain one of the vital aspects of any business. The human resources department is the department in charge of hiring, administration, and training of the people who make up the workforce of an organization. Until recently, Human resources used to be considered as one of the lower levels in the corporate levels of business even when they are in charge of organizations greatest resources.

The job description of human resource managers has grown wider in the 21st century. Spanning from just staffing functions to dissemination of information in the most effective way that would encourage retention. Explainer videos have helped human resource managers in taking out the monotonous job of having to speak to a large number of new hires or training the members of staff for a number of days and letting the information be passed in short bursts, quickly and easily.

So, how can Human Resource Managers use explainer videos?

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13. How can Marketers use Explainer Videos?

Marketers are people saddled with the responsibilities of identifying goods and services desired by the consumers, creating relationships with them, and satisfying their needs with the products and services on behalf of the organization they are affiliated with. Marketing used to be a door-to-door service with marketers coming to their consumers to talk to their products but with the advent of technology, there emerged a platform to which a large number of viewers can be reached while generating profits.

 Although physical marketing still exists, digital marketing created a better platform for B2B and B2C advertising. With the advent of technology, we are exposed to 4,000 to 10,000 ads each day. With this much advertising, how can the viewers get to the products they need? And how can marketers reach their target audience? Newer and more interesting advertising models have to be created to entice the viewers which is what explainer videos do for marketers and businesses.

How can Marketers use explainer videos?

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14. How can Sales Managers use Explainer Videos?

Advertising goes hand in hand with sales. The reason for advertising a business’s products and services is to garner more sales from its target audience. Advertising helps inform the public about the availability of a product or service that can solve a particular problem they may encounter then sales representatives reach out to these customers to facilitate the sales of these products. While advertising is a form of general outflow to information to prospective users, sales is a more personal approach between the salesperson and the customer. All the activities and functions of a salesperson are governed by a sales manager.

A sales manager is the person responsible for leading and instructing a team of salespeople. The sales manager has to lead and instruct the sales team, hire and fire salespeople, perform and assign sales training, assign sales territories, setting quotas, making a sales plan, and a lot of other functions. This is all done easily with the use of explainer videos. So, how can sales managers use explainer videos?

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15. What is Stop Motion?

Advertising a company’s products comes in different forms and services and with the advent of the different types of animations; some businesses may desire to use their products as a selling point for the advertisement of the product itself i.e. letting the product speak for itself. Speaking to the target audience, using the products itself, is a form of direct marketing. This style of marketing has benefits which include; relationship building, increase in sales of a new product or an old/existing product, and showing the appeal of the products to the target audience.

What is Stop Motion?

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16. What is Typography Animation?

Humans have always been fascinated by the movement of things. From the invention of the first wheel to the successful flight by the Wright Brothers, transformation and movement have always been one of the bases of our daily lives. Advertising has always made use of images and texts and the consumers are already used to seeing these images, texts, and videos in the form of PowerPoint presentations and Word documents when introducing or rebranding a product. What, then, happens when boring, static texts can move? It will create more attention by tapping into our inquisitive minds by evoking a stronger feeling. The need to know is what will keep consumers glued to their screens until the end product is revealed. This simple attraction is the reason that birthed typography animation by web designers.

What is typography animation?

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17. What is a Screencast?

Disseminating information has become very important in the world we live in and because learners live far and wide, traveling long distances to learn what could be taught in a few minutes is not an option available for many. Technical topics or learning how to use an application while watching a live video of someone else using it is still the best way to learn how to use a particular product. Even with existing products, system upgrades can cause easily accessible functions to be stored elsewhere requiring the users to spend a long time trying to find where it is now located. The needs of the consumers for easy navigation and understandability of a product can be explained easily by Brand marketers, communicators, and advertisers using a screencast.

What is a Screencast?

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18. What are Explainer Videos used for?

Video advertising is a completely versatile mode of advertising as it enables a business to get across to its target audience, bringing the product and services that solve whatever problems they may have. Creating an explainer video for one’s brand means showing it off on all available platforms so that it can drive the much-needed traffic towards the business and help the business achieve its goals. So, what, exactly, are explainer videos used for?

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19. What are the differences between a cheap and an expensive Explainer Video?

Creating all these different parts of the video will require some expenses to be incurred but there has to be a difference between an expensive video and a cheap one. It all comes down to the resources put into developing it – whether it is a template/ stock video or it is a custom video.

At Cleverclip for instance, we involve a project manager, a designer and illustrator, a motion designer, a sound specialist, and a voiceover artist in most projects. If you consider what it really takes to animate something, then you’ll understand where the budget goes into.

What are then the differences between cheap and expensive Explainer Videos?

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20. Why are Explainer Videos expensive?

With the rise in video content, making an explainer video to improve product visibility and brand presence has been on the minds of every business. Online explainer video software has been created to assist the D-I-Y-conscious businesses with small budgets and others choose to go with hiring freelancers or explainer video companies or marketing agencies to assist them with the creation of professional videos that give their brand a classy look. Even with all the different ways to make these videos, one thing we should agree on is that there is no free explainer video. How each business labels it, cheap or expensive – should really depend entirely on the results they get from the investment made.

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21. How much do Explainer Videos cost?

The cost associated with creating an Explainer Video is one of the most important things to consider when choosing to use one to advertise a brand’s products. Advertising a brand’s products and services has always been thought to require businesses breaking the bank for these projects but this is not the case. Every business is required to evaluate its advertisement cost to ensure that it is being spent wisely.

Making an Explainer Video means choosing the right type of video to suit your marketing goals and the product’s needs, which is why giving a specific answer to the cost of an Explainer Video has to do with the factors that should be considered when making the video.

So, how much can and should an Explainer Video cost?

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22. How long should Explainer Videos be?

Viewers are bombarded with different videos every day which has led to a shorter attention span, as people first – no longer have the will to consume lengthy texts or articles and, second – they, we, increasingly tend to raise the bar for what we’re actually willing to give a sip of attention span to.

Because of this decline in the number of readers, there has become a growing need to sort out the relevant information from the number of videos viewed and present the information in the quickest time (while the viewers are still engaged).

So, how long should explainer videos be?

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23. How to create Explainer Videos for free?

Choosing a cheaper type of advertising might be very appealing to new businesses as they are budget-strapped and need to make every dollar count. However, this also usually happens due to a lack of knowledge of the added value, in terms of ROI, that a more expensive option may generate. Spending less also means generating less. 

The one thing that makes a brand unique may be what does not exist in the competing brand, and this can show in the type, and quality of advertising used. Creating an explainer video for free may be very appealing as there might be little to no cost incurred during this, but is this possible?

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