The way to a successful product video

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You are convinced of your product or service. Now all you have to do is market it properly and inspire potential buyers. With a successful product video you can do that. And we know what it takes – from the right preparation to the finished film.

Good preparation – half product video

First ask yourself a few questions so that you really go in the right direction. Why should anyone buy your product? What are the main arguments? Why shouldn’t they buy from your competitors? And above all: Who are “they” anyway? Who is your target group?

At Cleverclip, by creating a persona, we deal with this target group in detail, give it a face and a name – and thus create the necessary closeness to really understand it.

That needs a good product video: Storytelling, emotions and personality

Once the goal and target group of the product video are clear, we start with the next steps. Stories touch us – no matter what form they take. They can make us sad, stir us up or put a smile on our faces. They generate emotions. And that’s exactly what it takes to sell a product. Stories are the best way to convey content in a way that grips viewers and sticks in their minds.

Even better than just telling stories, it works with images. Because our brain can remember them better. We work according to the principle “Show don’t tell”. If something can be shown without even saying it – then it should definitely be done. A bit like a joke. If you have to explain it afterwards, it probably wasn’t that good.

Another important point about how to sell a product better is when potential customers can identify with it. And that works when you give the whole personality – ideally the brand behind it as well.

And what does it look like, the perfect product video?

As so often – the possibilities are almost endless. From whiteboard animations to digital videos to real films, everything is possible. Here it is again a question of dealing with the target group and finding out what it feels most likely to be addressed by. But also, which kind, which style and which design fit to the product and the brand. And we don’t want to hide it: Of course, it’s always a budget question.

A good portion of charm can’t harm the look. A voice over with a suitable and pleasant voice as well as supporting sound effects give the product video the finishing touch.

Of course, not least the right marketing contributes to the success of a successful product video. After all, the right distribution is just as important in the end as answering the very first questions.