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Successfully into the new year with explainer videos

We’re getting more digital. We have higher demands. And we have absolutely no time. Under these conditions it becomes increasingly difficult to reach the respective target group effectively. For this reason, more and more companies are using explainer videos to convey their message briefly and concisely to the respective audience. Regardless of whether it’s a global corporation, an SME or a start-up, explainer videos help to pack information into visual storytelling and thus communicate effectively and stand out from the competition. 

Those who want to succeed in 2020 can’t avoid explainer videos in their content marketing. In this article, we introduce you to some of the explainer video trends that we can expect in the coming year. 


Let’s start at its roots, because regardless of the type of animation, the product or the distribution platform, storytelling is the basis for everything today. 

Only if you succeed in creatively implementing product features in an emotional story an explainer video reaches its full potential and remains in the viewer’s memory for a long time. And since we are increasingly bombarded with advertising, the importance of good visual storytelling will continue to grow. 

Interactive Videos 

Our attention span has dropped, that’s nothing new. Most likely, you have already drifted away at the sight of this sentence. This is exactly what you should avoid with your customers. “It’s the taking part that counts” is the motto today. The trend towards interactive elements continues to grow and should also be used intensively if you want to keep your customers on their side for a long time. 

Interactive videos encourage the viewer to click on certain elements in the video during and thus actively participate in it. They can be designed in different ways: Selecting individual topics, entering contact data, or creating so-called “shoppable videos” in which direct links to the respective products are integrated. Even simple, moving graphics can already increase your click-through ratesThanks to modern tracking technologies, you can also collect more information about customers, such as which product they are most interested in. More interaction, better opening rates, longer stay and stronger customer analysis? Hallelujah! 


Brevity is the soul of wit

Keyword “Snack Content”. Sounds delicious, but not real

ly edible. Well partly. For our brain it is even a real “snack”. In today’s world it is important to keep the content as short as possible, to get the attention immediately and to get the information quickly to the point.

Videos longer than 1 minute already have significantly higher drop-out rates. The term “snack content” refers in this case to extremely short videos that convey the most relevant information in the shortest possible time. Explainer videos in the form of snack content are particularly well suited to easily share videos on social networks and not lose the attention of viewers.

Mobile friendly and Social Media ready 

What would life be without a smartphone? Most users today cannot leave their homes without this “survival tool”. Every free minute is used to surf the net. For this reason, every type of video must be absolutely mobile-friendly and individually optimized for the respective social network. Video content on social networks is the main motor for engagement. With an explanatory video you can therefore not only impress the current followers with your product, but also reach new users of your target group and achieve more reach. 

Videos for E-mails 

Today our mail inbox is so overcrowded with marketing emails that most of them end up in the trash without being opened. 

For this reason, it is all the more important today to design appealing e-mails that stand out from the crowd. No matter if it is a sales email, a follow-up or a newsletter, explanatory videos promote interactivity, are easy to understand and increase the opening rate by 200-300%. And as we are bombarded with more and more information every year, video content is becoming more and more popular in email marketing.

The explainer video world is getting more fascinated 

The animation offers great opportunities to tell stories. And as our technology advances, new types of animation are awakening that pack our narrative into breathtaking experiences. Basically, there are many styles that can be used for explainer videos. The following is an overview of the most important species that will play an important role in the coming year. 


The supreme discipline among the explainer videos is already widespread in many places. 3D videos are already a “must” in the animation world and will continue to be on the wish list of customers. Explainer videos in 3D formats are an enormously powerful communication tool to convey the advantages of a product in a vivid way and to take the customer on a visual journey at the same time. The development of three-dimensional videos offers unlimited creative freedom with a free choice of perspectives, room depth, movement sequences and captivating storytelling. Complicated processes are visualized photorealistically. 


Although 2D and 3D animations are the most common form, a new interesting trend should also be emphasized: The 2.5D animation combines both techniques and offers a visually appealing explanatory video at a lower cost than a classic 3D video. 

360 degrees videos and immersive experiences 

When the digital world meets reality, the result is an incredible experience in which the viewer becomes part of the narrative. Sounds like hocus-pocus? But thanks to elaborate technologies, the animated and real world can now be combined opening completely new doors for the world of explainer videos. 360 degrees and VR formats belong to the category of spherical videos and differ in particular in the viewer’s active participation. 

With 360-degree videos, the viewer can change perspective, pause and view the still image from any position. With VR videos, the viewer becomes an eyewitness to the event and actively dives into the experience. At the moment these styles are still in their infancy, but we can certainly look forward to exciting explainer videos soon. 

White Board 

Even in the digital age, classics never fade. Thanks to the low production effort and the reduced optics, the whiteboard animation is far more affordable than the other formats and still takes the viewer on an exciting visual journey. Especially with increasing mechanization and countless animation effects, it is possible to create a powerful message that concentrates on the essentials without any frills.

Kinetic Typography 

The importance of animated texts continues to grow, as they offer much cheaper options for explainer videos, but are still based on the magic of visual experiences. Typography is especially effective when using lots of statistics and remains better in memory than purely static texts.

Illustration "Was ist ein Erklärvideo?"

Conclusion: The future of explainer videos booms 

A pinch of humour, some music, colours, animation and lots of feelings: explainer videos combine everything under one roof and spice up your marketing strategy. Video content is on a growth course, images are easier to process and information that is packed into stories is easier for us all to remember. The future will become more and more visual and explainer videos will gain even more importance in the coming year.

Digitalization will continue to deliver us new opportunities and the interest in video content will for sure not not decrease. Companies that do not integrate explainer videos into their content strategy will hardly be able to remain competitive. So let’s get down to business and do some magic.


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