Communication mistakes
Communication 5 min read

Efficient remote communication with your employees

Home office communication: 8 mistakes you should avoid Remote work and communication go hand in hand. Without intensive internal communication, we are all individual loners, working on separate activities in …

Effektive Online Meetings für Home Office
Communication 5 min read

Creating effective online meetings with your employees

Tips for effective online meetings  Most companies have already switched to a home …

Schriftliche Kommunikation Home Office
Communication 5 min read

Effective remote communication with your employees 

Improve the written communication with your remote employees A mutated virus has taken …

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Was sind interaktive Inhalte?
Communication 3 min read

What is interactive Content?

The year is 2020, the year in which we have to rely on …

E-mail Maketing Trends 2020
Communication 7 min read

How to optimize Email marketing campaigns in 2020

Electronic letters have been circulating around the world since 1971 – what a …

Illustration Video Marketing
Communication 3 min read

Video marketing: How many words is a video worth? 

A picture is worth a thousand words. A metaphor quoted to death, but …

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Communication 4 min read

Video Content: A trend that must be followed

Video Marketing as an effective content strategy  Competition is increasing across the industry, whereas the consumer’s attention span is decreasing and the daily stimulus satiation is reaching new dimensions. It’s no secret anymore …

Sounddesign Erklärvideo
Communication 4 min read

Why music and sound design are important for an explainer video 

Is sound design important for an explainer video? Well…Have you ever watched a …

Cleverclip 4 min read

How to create an explainer video: A journey with Cleverclip

Ever wished to look behind the scenes of a professional explainer video agency? …

Wie viel kostet ein Erklärvideo?
Explainer Video 5 min read

How much does an explainer video cost?

Explainer video costs – what to expect What does an explainer video really …

Communication 6 min read

How long should my explainer video be?

The ideal explainer video length If you have already been involved in video …

Illustration Erklärfilm selber machen
Communication 9 min read

Your first explainer video – Everything you need to know

The ultimate explainer video guide – From “zero” to “hero”  You have decided …

Corporate Film-Wie man das Unternehmen richtig verkauft
Communication 8 min read

Corporate Film – How to sell your business properly

Succeeding with a corporate video  Those of us who do not rely on …

Erklärvideos - 10 Einsatzbereiche
Communication 7 min read

10 uses of an explainer video

Convince the industry-wide audience with explainer videos  Whether a lengthy presentation, a page-long …

Goldfisch Generation
Communication 5 min read

You’re losing your audience and it’s not your fault

The hard fight in today’s content marketing Are you finding it increasingly difficult …

Das perfekte Produktvideo
Explainer Video 6 min read

The perfect product launch: The product video

Steps for a successful product video  Sweatily, you’ve worked your fingers to the …

Der perfekte Produkt Launch
Digital Learning 9 min read

The perfect product launch

How launch a product successfully  You have developed a groundbreaking product? Congratulations! Your …

The perfect Pitch Deck
Digital Learning 6 min read

The perfect pitch deck

Convince investors properly Are you facing the big task of convincing potential investors? …

Digital Learning 5 min read

The importance of interactive content part 2

How immersive experiences can revolutionize the marketing  Today it is no longer enough …

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