Presentation Design

Creating a professional presentation which captivates your audience can be a challenge. That’s where we come in, with clear design that conveys complex subjects in an understandable and entertaining way. We create each presentation individually and tailor-make it to your wishes so that you can meet your target audience at its level.

Say goodbye to boring old slideshows, and say hello to professional presentations

You go to a conference, walk into a meeting room, sit in an empty chair and expect to be enlightened about a specific topic. But instead, you find yourself looking around, then at your watch or your phone. For the speaker, this is one of the most dreaded outcomes when presenting at a public event: losing their audience.

Everyone knows that according to David Paradi’s annual presentation survey, the three main things that simply annoy audiences the most about live presentations are:

  • Slides that include full sentences of text
  • Speakers reading their slides
  • Text that is too small to read

The issue at hand is text. As a speaker, you create what you think to be wonderful-presentation, but you fail to focus on the central message and takeaway you want your audience to leave with. Instead, you try to cram everything you want to say, verbally, into a slide.

Let’s try something different. At Cleverclip we believe the world is visual, and problems are better explained with images, video, and animations. Presentations are no different. The secret, as with every other communication channel, is to think about who’s on the other side of that room. Who’s listening to what you have to say? These are the people who will dictate what you include in your presentation.

Sometimes it’s better to learn with someone who has been at it already for a couple of years. If you look at brands such as Airbnb, you’ll see they’ve got it right iteration after iteration – until finally creating a great presentation deck.

At Cleverclip we are proud and honoured to have worked with top Swiss, French, German and international brands, and have also learned from them in the process. That’s why we believe we can be the right partner for your presentation design challenge.

At Cleverclip, we use animation software rather than conventional presentation software like PowerPoint.

You’ll receive a professional presentation, both in terms of content and aesthetics – benefitting from our complete freedom in creative design and the multitude of possibilities we offer.

We have created our own software for producing fully animated and individually designed presentations. One of our consultants will be involved in the entire production process, providing you with a contact person from the initial concept to the final product.

Nothing is left behind.

Get in touch with our team of project managers today. Tell us what you need help with and we can take it from there. We will answer every question you have and walk you through our process step by step. This initial meeting is absolutely free and no commitment is required on your part.

Did you hear about our graphic recordings service? Creating the right presentation is only one step in getting the most out of a public event. Make sure your audience is impressed and has something to take home afterwards. Going the extra mile is exactly what you need to make a difference.

Trade fair film & Presentation Design for Glutz AG

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Everything you need to know about Presentation Design

1. What is Presentation Design?

PowerPoint presentations and slides have been used to stimulate the audience and help the speakers in enforcing important and noteworthy points. Something this simple cannot be created badly, right? Sadly, this is wrong. Just because people know how to create slides does not mean that they do it well enough to impress a professional crowd or to impress a team of prospective investors. PowerPoint presentations are losing their appeal, which is why presentation design has grown more and more important.

What is Presentation Design?

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2. Why Presentation Design matters?

The presentation slide engages the audience with its use of texts and fonts, images, and colors during the presentation helping the speaker lay emphasis on specific areas of the subject matter and draw their attention towards exciting and interesting aspects of the slide. Because this is where the audience focuses a lot of their gazes on, presentations are no longer allowed to be done shabbily. People now notice slides that are not paid attention to and prefer well-designed products and information. This is why presentation designers are needed.

Why does Presentation Design matters?

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3. How to simplify a presentation?

A presentation can be a complete disaster when poorly executed for both the presenter, who will feel completely confused by the disjointed and poorly-pieced slide and the audience, who will be completely bored during the presentation. Presentations, in fields such as science and technology, can be quite complex due to the terms, facts, and figures used during these presentations. There becomes a need to simplify the presentation to aid understanding. 

How to simplify your presentation?

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4. How to improve the design of your presentation?

Memorable presentations are backed by great slides and the great slides are created by using great designs. Although the design of the presentation slides can be overlooked, it is important to know that the audience can spot a poorly-made slide and this can cause them to lose interest in the presentation after one or two hours thereby reducing the level of interest in the brand. 

How to improve the design of your presentation?

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