What could I do with a survey?

The goal of a survey is to find out people’s opinions on certain topics by means of random samples and thus to make statements about broader sections of the population. Surveys are suitable for academic work as well as market research surveys.

In the case of surveys for academic work, e.g. for a final paper, the (online) questionnaires are usually kept simple and serve to empirically support certain hypotheses.

Surveys for market research, on the other hand, are used for market analysis in order to understand the demand and preferences of customers. The resulting information makes it possible to better segment the target market and to tailor products and services to consumers. In addition to customer analysis, a survey also allows to explore the market position, the competition, or the market in general.

Also in internal communication, e.g. in the context of an employee survey, important insights about the satisfaction of the employees and, if necessary, suggestions for improvement can be collected.

In general, a survey enables the following:

1. Measurable and targeted information about the target group and therefore a better decision-making process, customer retention and company growth.

2. Stimulation of discussion: You can discuss survey results with your target group and implement solutions together.

3.  Decisive analyses: Surveys enable you to understand the strengths and weaknesses of the company and thus to position the company correctly.

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