There’s more to a quiz than you might actually think. Quizzes touch a deeper self, are personal and can get you where no other method can.

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You want to create a fun and easy to share experience

Thinking of adding quizzes in your marketing strategy, but don’t know if they are worth it? More and more brands are using quizzes for this very reason that people love to share and compare the results.

Everyone loves sport, and everyone loves a quiz

Quizzes are the perfect way to grab your audience's attention - the more curious and fun, the more will they feel at ease and willing to concede on leaving you their contact details or subscribe to your mailing list.

Easily Shared

Easily Shared

Users like to prove their knowledge and share the results with their online community.
Impact Conversion

Impact Conversion

A quiz enables a better segmentation of your target group and offers tailored to their needs.
Increase Engagement

Increase Engagement

A quiz is an entertaining and playful instrument, that allows for greater audience interaction.

An interactive quiz for the prevention of colorectal cancer

We had the honour to support the Krebsliga Schweiz ("Swiss Cancer League") at a trade fair. Using interactive user interfaces, visitors could test their knowledge and were thus educated on the topic of "colorectal cancer".

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Frequently asked questions on Quizzes

  • 1. How can a quiz push audience engagement?

    A quiz is particularly effective because it delivers personalized content in real time. Users have to think and thus become active participants directly. In addition, a quiz awakens our natural play instinct and curiosity. We are motivated to complete a quiz especially because we get immediate results.

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  • 2. Why should I use quizzes in my content strategy?

    The marketing potential of a quiz is often underestimated, because we usually associate it with silly games on social media. However, if designed correctly, a quiz cannot only provide valuable customer data, but also generate leads and bind the customer to the brand. Here are some points why it is definitely worth to integrate a quiz:

    1. Entertaining and interactive: Unlike other content formats, a quiz encourages active participation. Everything that is fun motivates us to participate and arouses positive associations. In this way, you not only promote the target group’s engagement, but your brand is also more likely to stick in their memory.
    2. Easy to share: According to Buzzuomo, a quiz is shared 1900 times on average. The more exciting and interactive you create the quiz, the greater the chances of attracting organic traffic to your website.
    3. Consumer Insights: With the right topic and the right questions, you can obtain valuable information about your customers. However, it is especially important that you do this inconspicuously. The customer should not get the feeling it is a consumer survey, but an entertaining game.
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  • 3. How can I make a good quiz?

    For a quiz to be an effective marketing tool, it has to be interactive, entertaining and easy to share. Here are some important steps you should consider:

    1. Set the topic and title

    2. Define possible outcomes

    3. Determine questions and answers

    4. Create the quiz

    5. The CTA

    There are also a few useful extras to consider:

    – keep the quiz as short as possible. Limit the quiz to a maximum of 2-3 minutes so that the user does not lose interest

    – create a certain “personality” to bring the quiz to life

    – Integrate visual elements.

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  • 4. What are the different types of quiz?

    The classic crossword puzzle? Oh there are more options! Ultimately, an online quiz allows you to give free rein to your creativity. In addition to knowledge questions, you can of course also create completely different entertaining formats that will captivate your target group. Regardless of the type of quiz you choose, we make sure that the design, graphics and interactive elements are perfectly in line with your target group, the company image and your goal.

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  • 5. How can businesses use quizzes?

    Since a quiz is a very interactive tool, it increases the engagement and awareness of the target group and thus builds a stronger bond to the brand. At the same time it provides valuable insights about the customer behavior.

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  • 6. What is a quiz?

    A quiz is a question and answer game to test the user’s knowledge in an entertaining way. A quiz can be used in many different ways, regardless of the industry, and can thus support the customer in his decision-making process in order to make the right purchase choice. The online quiz in particular has therefore become increasingly important.

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