How to create a landing page?

If you have never created a landing page before, it can be a quite complex process. In order for the landing page to become a powerful marketing tool, a few important factors must first be considered:

1. The “rule of one”: An effective landing page must have a clear focus. Otherwise it is not a landing page. In general, it should be designed as minimalistic as possible and contain one core offer, one message explaining this offer and one “call to action”.

2. “Above the fold”: The term refers to the upper part of a web page, i.e. the area that is directly visible when the page is opened without scrolling. After all, the landing page should convey three core elements quickly and precisely within the first few seconds: – what do you offer? – what benefit does the target group have? – what does the visitor have to do to get the benefit?

3. Name the product benefits: What exactly can customers expect from your product? Integrate the product benefits to show the user which problem the product will solve.

4. Testimonials: 84% of consumers make decisions based on personal recommendations. Integrate short reviews from customers who have already had experience with the product or your brand.

5. Storytelling: Telling stories arouses emotions. And once emotions come into play, decisions are made irrationally. So if you succeed in wrapping the entire landing page in a vivid story, you can look forward to far more response.

6. Registration form: The form is an important part of a landing page to add leads to the distribution list. Be careful to collect only the most necessary information so that the form does not become unnecessarily long.

7. Mobile optimization: Make sure that the page is easy to use from your cell phone, has a short loading time and that the CTA or form can be opened without difficulty.

8. Analyze the landing page Everything may look quite different in practice. You can only know how successful your landing page really is when you test and analyze it. For example, heat maps, may be suitable for this. But also user surveys, analytic tools like Google Analytics or AB-Tests are helpful to measure the landing page performance. For the actual creation of a landing page, there are several online tools. Here are some popular programs:

– Leadpages

– Hub spot

– Unbounce

– Instapage.

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