What could I do with an interactive infographic?

An interactive infographic allows to convey a variety of information in an attractive way. It is versatile and can be used on different distribution channels, e.g. on a landing page, social networks, web page, newsletter, or even during events. Interactive infographics are particularly effective because they combine graphics, colors and valuable information, divide them into compact sections and at the same time encourage the active participation of the audience. In this way, the attention of the target group can be aroused and key information can be processed after only a short glance.

An interactive infographics also offers you the following advantages:

– higher engagement of the target group through active participation

– stronger brand awareness through appealing visualization, combined with specialized information

– more memorable and effective communication of complex information in an entertaining and alternating way

– better storage of data in the long-term memory of consumers

– more “sharing and resharing” on the social networks and thus the option to go viral. That results in more traffic, a higher reach and SEO ranking.

– sharing your expertise by aggregating large, complex amounts of data as a digital experience.

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