How to make use of Interactive Content for Social Media?

Social media is the place to be for any brand with the hopes of gaining visibility and improving its awareness. With businesses and brands owning 25 million business profiles on Instagram, businesses and social media can be referred to as a match made in heaven. Digital marketing has completely revolutionized advertisement with 193.2 million clicks per day for Google search ads, marketing and advertising a brand, its products, and services are no longer a struggle for growing businesses.

Interactive Content is the best way to engage the customers and get them actively involved in the information they want to know is the best way to use social media to a business’s advantage. Creating a business presence on social media platforms means a brand gets a bite out of the 3.2 billion social media users every day which is 42% of the total world population. Visibility like that will come at a jaw-dropping price that social media provides for free. 

Smartphones have made content discovery easier on social media. This discovery of content happening mainly on social media with links from catchy headlines redirecting users to brand websites, high-quality content helps convert leads and capture new audiences.

How to use Interactive Content for social media?

  • Repurpose old content: Valuable information can be given by brands or marketers and because this information was given in full texts, it was never read. Seeing as viewers have shorter and shorter attention spans, long posts are not completely read with posts losing a high number of viewers from the beginning to the middle of the post, these posts can be converted to infographics which give the information in fun and brain-sized chunks that hold the viewer’s attention and also encourages sharing.
  • Introducing a new product or rebranding an existing one using social media is the best way to see a rise in the product’s visibility. Quizzes and assessments can be taken to help the audience make choices between two or more similar brand products while informing the audience of changes made to the products.
  • Poll creation: The creation of polls on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter allow brands to create posts with two or more options so that their viewers can make a vote according to their preference. The advantage of polls for brands is that it helps them know what the audience thinks or feels about their product(s). This gives the brands live and accurate user feedback that can be made use of during business decisions.
  • Contests: Giveaways are great incentives for viewers to participate in a brand’s activities. They can be used to create interest in a topic a brand introduces. Contests are very entertaining for the audience and also helps generate visibility, encourage user participation and interaction. Besides, giving out free products drives traffic up to a fever-pitch level during contests and draws a lot of attention from social media users.

Using Interactive Content also helps keep a brand in the loop of competing brands and products and helps them to work on improving the brand itself. Social media Interactive Content can help place a brand at the position of authority while improving the brand’s reach, improving posts traffic and engagement, and presenting uniqueness and highlighting the creativity of the brand.

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