What types of Interactive Content are there?

93% of marketers believe that interactive content is more suitable for conveying information than static content.  88% of marketers also claim that interactive content is an effective format to differentiate their brand from the competition.  In the following, we will introduce you to some interactive format options:

What types of interactive content are there?

Quiz: A quiz is suitable for a variety of industries and allows for extra high engagement of the target audience. Customers like to test their knowledge and are therefore motivated to complete a quiz. A quiz is particularly attractive because it provides a personalized result in an entertaining way and is not perceived as intrusive advertising.
Interactive maps: Depending on the industry and target group, you may consider interactive cards to convey relevant information about specific locations. For example, you can explain personalized content, such as milestones and company history, using different geographical points.
Gamification: Gamification offers a powerful variety in both internal and external communication. On the one hand, games are much more effective than traditional learning methods because they increase the productivity of the team through self-motivation. For example, you can design training processes in the form of games to keep employees up to date.

Infographics: A good way to wrap dry statistics in an attractive and appealing format. At the same time, valuable information can be integrated that only becomes visible when the user clicks on it. This way even complex information can be presented without appearing as overwhelming.

Interactive videos: While the user remains a passive observer in conventional videos, an interactive video actively involves the user in the storyline. Above all, interactive videos help to segment customer needs and at the same time achieve maximum engagement through Call to Actions.

Polls and surveys: A long-standing, proven method of obtaining customer feedback. When properly designed, surveys can be an entertaining and interesting way to engage customers and let them actively participate in the marketplace, while providing valuable data.

Calculators: This interactive content is suitable for a wide range of industries to illustrate the benefits of a product to customers. The calculators are usually based on a formula that takes customer needs into account and thus delivers customer-specific results. Individual factors are taken into account in the cost calculation and thus customer-specific offers are created. HubSpot offers a good example.

Other types of interactive content are;

  • Landing pages
  • E-Books and Whitepapers
  • Immersive experiences (e.g. VR)
  • E-mails.

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