How can marketers use Interactive Content?

Telling your audience to buy your products without actively engaging them in your brand will not cut it anymore. The appeal of Interactive Content to marketers is ever increasing as 93% of marketers agreed that Interactive Content is effective in educating its buyers than static content.  88% of marketers are saying that Interactive Content is effective in differentiating their brands from other brands. 

Brand marketers have a lot on their plate and though it may seem daunting, using Interactive Contents can assist them in achieving their marketing goals very effectively.

For marketers, some of their goals include:

  • Building brand awareness
  • Increasing brand engagement
  • Generating quality leads
  • Improving brand profitability
  • Fill gaps in content marketing campaign
  • Encouraging brand growth, and many others

How can Brand marketers use Interactive Content?

  1. To build brand awareness: This is one of the most important goals of a marketer. Building a brand’s awareness ensures that the brand is being talked about, creates interest in the brand and ensures that purchasing the brand’s products remains a memorable experience for the customers. Interactive Content is valuable to marketers because it helps them build brand engagement. Using infographics, surveys, and polls help the customers identify the problems that they may have and introduce a brand that helps them solve these problems.
  2. To increase brand engagement: Simply creating content and letting it grow on its own is now a thing of the past. Creating engaging content is what matters to brands as this helps the visitors feel welcome and also helps the brand generate customer feedback on the products and activities. 
  3. To generate leads: Lead generation is a very important aspect of marketing. Marketers use Interactive Content to know the types of audiences they need to market their products to and pursue them. They can be used to generate B2B leads or B2C leads. This is most notable with interactive email marketing which helps direct interested and engaged customers straight to the brand and leads them to make purchases.
  4. To fill gaps in content marketing campaigns: Writing blog posts over and over again might be an almost boring job and there will be a need to spice things up and spike the viewer’s interests. Interactive Content like quizzes, assessments, and games can bring a breath of fresh air into a brand’s content helping to renew the interest of its users.
  5. To encourage brand growth: Brands evolve and it is a marketer’s job to ensure that his brand is moving with the times. Finding new ways to entice the customers and interest them in their products and services are completely in his job description. Starting a new trend or a new way to engage a brand’s customers will be the difference between an obsolete brand and a growing one. Marketers can use Interactive Content to ensure that their brand is in tune with the changes in its industry.

With 79% of marketers in support of Interactive Content in the enhancement of brand message retention when added to traditional marketing, it is little wonder why there is a growth in the number of marketers and brands making use of Interactive Contents.

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