Should I use Graphic Recordings for meetings?

Scheduling meetings is an important aspect of business appraisal, brainstorming, and passing business updates and though it is important for all the members of staff to attend, holding their attention throughout the long hours of conversation is out of the business’ control. With the evolution of our attention span, it is more difficult to hold the employees’ attention without visually stimulating them. 

With Millennials and Gen-Zs making up a greater number of the emerging workforce, businesses have to evolve to accommodate and engage their distracting nature and this is well achieved by using Graphic Recordings.

Graphic Recording, or Graphic Facilitation, is the live drawing of an event or the contents of a meeting using a combination of words and illustrations to depict the information passed during the meeting. Graphic Recorders or Scribes listen to the information passed and highlight the most important aspects of the information using colors, words, and images to relay the information passed. They are perfect for:

  • Conferences like annual meetings
  • Strategic planning meetings or brainstorming sessions
  • Hand-drawn explainer videos
  • Hand drawn infographics
  • Creative communication campaigns
  • Training and workshops, etc

Should I use Graphic Recordings for meetings?

Graphic Recordings are beneficial to business practices for different reasons. These are:

  • Members are engaged and recognized: Graphic Recordings help the members of the event stay engaged with the information being passed and feel recognized when their opinions and contributions are acknowledged by being recorded in the group account.
  • Promotes clear thinking: Rather than long texts with bullet points and heavy texts that confuse readers and listeners, Graphic Recordings help the listeners understand exactly what is being said and how the decisions made will affect the overall business performance. 
  • Improved retention: Graphic Recordings stimulate both the senses of sight and listening making retention and recollection of the message passed an optimized process. With visual perception increasing retention by 40%, Graphic Recording is more effective than spoken word alone.
  • Encompasses different practices: Graphic Recordings are favorable for all kinds of group functions including decision making, conferences, board meetings, brainstorming, team building, community meetings, and others. It is the best way to keep records for different purposes.
  • Promotes creativity: Graphic Recordings promotes creativity with the use of colors, images, and words to record the discussion and can help stimulate creative problem-solving.
  • Gives a visual overview: When a Graphic Recording is viewed, it gives an overall picture of the topics discussed during the gathering, problems faced, and decisions arrived at. It gives an encompassing overview of the entire time spent in the gathering.
  • Helps provide group memories: Professional memories during the job are few. Graphic Recording can help show group memories when hiring and explaining group activities to other employees and it can also help indicate the accomplishments of the group towards the company’s decision-making process.
  • Visual reminder and gift for participants: Beside of all the positive effects during the event, the graphic recording can also be used as unique, visual reminder of the event and as a nice giveaways such as postcards, posters and digital files.

The PDF by 1000words further explains the benefits of using Graphic Recordings with images.

Graphic Recordings are essential in helping employees stay focused during meetings and absorb the information being passed as this becomes more and more difficult in the emerging workforce. Speaking to professionals can help a business connect with graphic recorders that can completely embody the discussion or event they are required to record.

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