How much do Graphic Recordings cost?

Like every business decision, there is a need to put a lot of thought into the cost associated with investing in a business. Thinking of using Graphic Recording to rejuvenate your meetings and encourage your employees in participating in meetings is one of the best decisions any employee-inclusive business should do and since employees are the backbone of businesses, it is one of the benefits of investing in employee development.

The service of a Graphic recorder or a scriber is a specialized one. It may look as though all the scriber is doing is simply doodling and coloring but they need adequate time to get acquainted with the industry, the subjects to be discussed, frequent words used, and other important aspects of the job to be done so that they can provide an all-rounded and knowledgeable depiction of the event. With the benefits of doodling and how it facilitates communication, Graphic Recording is a worthy investment in a business.

So, how much does a Graphic Recording cost? 

There is no fixed rate for all Graphic Recordings. There are different factors to be taken into consideration before the cost of a graphical recording can be generated. These are:

  • Flat rate
  • Daily or hourly rates
  • Extended travel
  • Early booking discounts
  • Image retouching
  • Rush booking fee

Flat rate: This is the rate for the job and this is not as ‘flat’ as the name may indicate. Since the topic will be extensively researched, it varies according to the subject matter, how many hours the conference will take place and other event requirements. The cost of materials, pens, papers, and cardboards are not included in computing these rates. Digital files of the charts are included in some scribe’s fees. Extremely high-resolution images (to print a full-size copy, for example), may also be scanned for an additional fee.

Daily or hourly rates: This varies among graphic recorders. Some graphic recorders only support one client per day and do not offer hourly rates while some offer this option. This is because jobs can take longer periods of time and may even go over the allotted time and this can cause delays on the other job allotted for the day. There is also travel, set-up, and post-image processing time to be taken into account. 

Extended travel: Events that require more travel or international travel are part of the cost charged and this covers the extra cost of time and the higher travel fees.

Early booking discounts: Booking for events early helps graphic recorders make their plans early and have more time to research the topic and the industry and because of this freedom and ease in working conditions, they can give discounts on some of the fees.

Image retouching: When needed, image retouching and quick deliveries of the digital images created will come at a cost. 

Rush booking fee: Rush booking graphic recorders also come at a higher cost as there is inadequate time to prepare for the job which may lead to forgetting important equipment or tools that help the scribe perform his duties more comfortably and efficiently.

The differences between the services offered are that some recorders also do not pay for the shipping of the boards to other places and the cost of overtime is also charged differently.

Graphic Recording costs vary among the types of scribes, their level of expertise, and any other specifications as the event demands.

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