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Any kind of presentation can be challenging – especially if the topic is complex and needs to be communicated to a specific target group. This is where our graphic recorders come in: with the help of graphic recordings or graphic facilitation, they enable the audience to better understand what is being said.

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Graphic Recordings for young startups to established corporations.

Make boring presentations exciting – with a Graphic Recording session.

There is no more effective way to prove that we are good at something than to draw a simple picture of it. And there is no more effective way to discover hidden problem solutions than to take a pencil and sketch the details of our problem.

“Graphic recordings” or “graphic facilitation” refers to the live drawing of an event or meeting using words and illustrations. Graphic recorders listen to the information and highlight the most important aspects using colours, words and images.

This guarantees not only a better flow of information and effective communication, but also a lot of entertainment. Amusing and informative images support the presented content, so that each topic can be conveyed in an easily understandable and memorable way.

In addition, the final image can be reproduced as a poster – so you or your target group can use it for other purposes.

This way you will always leave a positive impression on your audience!

Where are Graphic Recordings best used?


Graphical drawings make it possible to illustrate difficult contents for all participants, as well as to present a summary of important core aspects of the meeting in an understandable way.


Arouse the interest of your audience! Central topics are presented visually and allow you to better understand what is being said and to store it in long-term memory.


Graphic Recordings make it possible to present large amounts of information in an appealing and captivating way and thus promote active engagement with the content and maximum learning capacity.

Visual support through a Graphic Recording session

A Graphic Recording of the Innovation Day 2018

The task

Innovation Day 2018 was supported live by our graphic recorder with her visual skills. The result is a whole day – summarized on one picture.

On September 20, around 220 customers and interested parties were invited to Innovation Day 2018.

The presentations and the entire day in general were intended to be remembered by the visitors. What could be better than a graphic recording? No sooner said than done.

The solution

Presentations on the topic of “Rethinking Education” and the easylearn version 6.0, various workshops on numerous subjects and the findings of the whole event were recorded by a graphic recording.

The result shows the content in a visually appealing, easy to understand and exciting way.

What is involved in planning a Graphic Recording Session?

We start with a short briefing: Here we discuss all relevant aspects regarding the topic, the occasion of the presentation, the target group, as well as any questions that may arise.

As soon as the key points have been established, our graphic designers already start the creative work.

There are two general options for graphic recording: Either it is drawn directly on a poster and additionally made available as a digital version. However, it can also be developed on an iPad and transferred directly at the event. The advantage of this option is above all the scope for possible corrections or adjustments.

As with all our projects, the customer always decides which concept proposal is to be implemented. Our graphic designers are always flexible and consider all wishes and suggestions.

The final image can be reproduced as a poster – so you can use it for other purposes and always leave a positive impression on your audience.

Live drawings at the Swiss Innovation Forum 2017

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We appreciate the consistent and creative implementation competence, goal-oriented and focused on the essentials. By means of their flexible way of thinking, Cleverclip manages to present our highly complex contents in a simple and understandable way.

Francine Thurnher Communications Lead

We experienced Cleverclip as a very professional partner for our project. We were accompanied personally and competently through the structured process. Our ideas were taken up quickly and implemented excellently despite a tight schedule. The result convinced us and our customers in every respect.

Othmar Dendorfer Senior Consultant

The cooperation with Cleverclip is uncomplicated, creative and to the point. We immediately felt understood by the team and were not disappointed: The results convince us and our target group completely.

Verena Jucker Communications Lead

Everything you need to know about Graphics Recording

1. What is Graphic Recording?

“Graphic Recording (also referred to as reflective graphics, graphic listening, etc.) involves capturing people’s ideas and expressions—in words, images, and color—as they are being spoken at the moment”. What this means is that expressions and words are captured and summed up as they are spoken using images, texts, and colors to accentuate the emotions and feelings of the speaker as the message is passed across.

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2. Why Graphic Recordings?

The challenges of minutes of meeting writing, coupled with the disconnection from the presentation delivered is what makes Graphic Recording such an appealing alternative.

“There is no more powerful way to prove that we know something well than to draw a simple picture of it. And there is no more powerful way to see hidden solutions than to pick up a pen and draw out the pieces of our problem.” So writes Dan Roam in The Back of the Napkin, the international bestseller that proves that a simple drawing on a humble napkin can be more powerful than the slickest PowerPoint presentation.

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3. Should I use Graphic Recordings for meetings?

With the evolution of our attention span, it is more difficult to hold the employees’ attention without visually stimulating them. With Millennials and Gen-Zs making up a greater number of the emerging workforce, businesses have to evolve to accommodate and engage their distracting nature and this is well achieved by using Graphic Recordings.

Should I use Graphic Recordings for meetings?

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4. How much do Graphic Recordings cost?

The service of a Graphic recorder or a scriber is a specialized one. It may look as though all the scriber is doing is simply doodling and coloring but they need adequate time to get acquainted with the industry, the subjects to be discussed, frequent words used, and other important aspects of the job to be done so that they can provide an all-rounded and knowledgeable depiction of the event. With the benefits of doodling and how it facilitates communication, Graphic Recording is a worthy investment in a business.

So, how much does a Graphic Recording cost? 

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Inspirational lectures visually accompanied for TEDxZurich

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“When Women Thrive” – a graphic recording for Mercer at the World Economic Forum

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