What is Live Action Animation?

Advertising means showcasing an organization’s products in a way that converts the viewers. So there is a need to build the relationship between a brand and its target audience. Brands depend on the creation of a connection between itself and its customers and are in constant search of how to draw more attention from its clients to reach its own goals. Animation is on the rise, but with most organizations choosing to draw and animate its objects, there is a market for building personal relationships between the real people behind the brand’s walls. People need to feel like their voices are heard and prefer meeting ‘the man behind the curtain’. This need is what birthed live action.

What is Live Action Animation?

This is a type of advertising which is done with a camera recording real people in real working scenes. The employees, customers, and even the business owners are recorded, using a camera, working on their various duties and showcasing the procedures to which their businesses are carried out. Since this type of advertising makes use of photography instead of animation, making use of a camera to shoot scenes might seem like a pretty cheap option for brand advertising but there is the need to edit the footage to give seamless flow to the video. This means editing all the errors made, adding and deleting scenes that were not recorded properly.

What should make any brand choose live-action animation over 2d, 3d, or 2.5d animation depends on the product and services produced by the company and how they want their target audience to react to it. Compared to animation, these points make live-action videos more flattering;

  • The Human Emotion: Whether we like it or not, people feel more comfortable when dealing with human emotions because we can relate to it. Seeing a face that expresses emotions resonate deeply within us, prompting us to require a solution to it or to find a reason for it. Our inquisitiveness makes live-action videos bait for its viewers.
  • Cost: Making an animation video seems like it is not going to be budget-friendly and simply using a phone or a camera to record the scenes you want and editing them to a seamless video saves a lot of the cost required in its creation compared to an animated video.
  • Time: This is a consuming factor when making an animated video, unlike the live-action videos whose scenes can be shot over a short period of time and edited.
  • Revisions: Just like the time involved in making the animated videos are lengthy, revising and correcting animated videos will take longer be it 2d or 3d because of the software needed or the frames needed to be redrawn while the live-action scenes can be reshot in a couple of minutes.

There are other reasons why live-action animation may be better suited to your organization’s needs or animation may be better suited to it but knowing what your brand does and how you want the target audience to feel about the brand means making the right choice and asking the questions that need to be asked to ascertain the right style for advertising these products.