What is Live Action Animation with Track Elements?

Future technology has promised 3d holographic devices that have been immersed into our bodies to make for easy use and seamless and breathtaking performance in its possible holographic capabilities. This has completely revolutionized the tech industry and people have found this idea extremely appealing. Brand marketers, advertisers, communicators, and businesses have taken this interest into consideration by immersing this style into advertising their products. If there is already a mix of 3d and 2d animation that created the 2.5d animation, why can’t there be a fusion of motion graphics and live-action? 

What is Live Action with Track Elements?

This is a type of video that makes use of photography instead of animation to record the character then 3d elements are tracked onto the recording during editing to give a more immersive feel. Live-action has to do with using a camera to record a person or the activities of several candidates. After this recording process, 3d elements are then edited into the pre-recorded gestures to draw the viewer’s attention to the elements added to the video.

How does this assist your business?

  1. Attention-grabbing: It is more attention calling to use this type of animation for your explainer video because it utilizes the effect of live-action, which is speaking directly to someone real, and 3d elements which can do things you can only imagine doing.
  2. Explanatory: There is nothing more understandable than a person breaking down a complex process in a way that his target audience can easily understand with images and videos popping up to assist in the explanation. Live-action with track elements help with this vital function.
  3. Focused: Not to be confused with attention-grabbing, it is very easy to focus the target audience to brand colors, logos, and any other distinctive features of a product using a live-action video with track elements.
  4. Flattering to a business: Businesses that use this type of explainer video shows its audience that they care about their understanding of their procedures and shows that they are very professional in their business dealings. It also shows that such an organization values creativity in business.

As interesting and advertising forward as this type of animation is, there might be some hindering factors to making a live-action with track elements video. These include;

  1. Cost: The cost of filming a quality recording of this type of video might be relatively low but when considered with the addition of the 3d elements, it becomes more expensive.
  2. Expertise: Making a recording can be done with a phone, camera or any other equipment but getting a quality recording done and attaching 3d elements to a video like this will take some expertise and this does not come cheap.
  3. Revisions: Just like the cost and expertise have stated, the live-action recording can be edited and moved about till a better scene is filmed but the 3d elements in this will take more time to adjust if mistakes are made. Since 3d elements deal with movements and not frames like 2d, to make it look real, any mistakes made will have to be recreated from the 3d space till it looks and moves as a normal character would.

Live-action with track elements video gives limitless possibilities with the ways to produce and describe a business’s processes to its audience but doing this the right way is all that matters when looking at an organization’s profit margin.

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