What is an Explainer Video?

Reading is in a decline. Even at the advent of audiobooks, created solely to aid the absorption of information at a speedy rate and to improve reading culture, studies have shown that people do not read as much in recent years as they used to. Taking the time to read a 300-page book can, now, be described as a chore.

Even with this decline, the need to be able to disseminate information has not reduced. There is still a need to reach out to clients and customers for products and services by organizations and marketers. Adapting to the needs of the emerging world means that brand marketers will have to look for more innovative ways to spread the word in a quick and interesting way. This is why Explainer Videos were created.

What is an Explainer Video?

An Explainer Video is a video that explains something new to its audience. It is a short video that describes an idea, product, process or concept to its audience in a bid to get them attracted and interested in the subject. Every explainer video should tell you the following things;

  • What the product or brand is,
  • What problem it is trying to solve or introduce, and
  • How to use the product or service.

All the above points should be said or written in a language that the viewers can easily understand or the purpose of making the video would have not achieved.

Now that you know what an Explainer Video is, the following are the distinguishing features of an explainer video:

  1. Short and concise: Explainer videos are very short and straightforward. Starting from explaining the problem to telling you how to solve it and why the product or service should be used. It can be as short as 30 seconds, but not longer than 90 seconds.
  2. Focus on a certain amount of people: Not all products are created for everyone so explainer videos are created to focus on that specific set of people that need to make use of their product or service.
  3. Voice over: This is the voice that narrates the story of the video. Voice-overs are done professionally and speak in simple, clear sentences that make it easy to understand what is being said.
  4. Animated: Most videos make use of characters that move, morph and meld into different objects and features during the video in a bid to evoke strong emotion in them. Depending on the type of explainer videos, different kinds of animation can be used.
  5. Language: The language of an explainer video is a simple one. Since the videos are made to disseminate information, the sentences are constructed using very simple and easily understandable words.
  6. Music: Music evokes very strong feelings in its listeners and when added to an explainer video, it helps control the narrative of the video by making the audience feel what the video requires them to feel.
  7. Colors: During some videos, colors can be used to draw attention to the brand colors of an organization which will make it easier for potential customers to be able to pick out their products out of many. Some explainer videos are also made in black and white.

Focusing your explainer videos to the target audience’s desires is the main objective of every explainer video. It should be able to assist them with something or bring their attention to something they did not know they needed.