What is 3d Animation?

Realism means the depiction of a subject or topic without adding any supernatural or unreal elements. It can also be said to be describing the subject in all truthfulness by avoiding the addition of exotic elements to it. Humans feel strongly towards things that we perceive are real than things that we think are not. This is why Brand managers, web designers, marketers, and advertisers have decided to incorporate more thought-provoking and relatable approaches to advertising their products. The depiction of a product using characters that are real to the target audience without adding any extra elements makes the product or service one that is more trustworthy to them.

What is 3d animation?

3d animation is the movement of 3d characters in a 3d space. 3d characters are characters that are created by taking into consideration the length, height, and width of the character. Paying attention to creating 3d characters means that the characters will look real as they will seem ‘solid’. The 3d space is a geometric setting in which the weight, height, and width of a character are required to have an effect on the position of the character. The placement of the 3d character in a 3d setting will give an animation video a completely solid effect the target audience can compare the information to be processed with what they already believe is true.

Compared to 2d animation, 3d animation has the following features;

  • 2d characters and animation look flat because it only makes use of height and length while 3d appears solid because it takes into consideration the width (depth).
  • Since 2d animation is flat, it makes use of the traditional hand drawing-method to build the frames while 3d animation can only be made with the use of a 3d software.
  • While 3d focuses on the movement to make it seem real, 2d is just about the frames.
  • 3d animation can be used for conceptual drawings as it shows the details that will be missed by using a 2d animation which makes it valuable to professionals like architects, interior designers, and engineers.

While there are pleasant advantages of using a 3d animation video, the setbacks of this type of animation make it difficult to be considered by all organizations.

  • Cost: This seems to be the most hindering factor when considering a 3d video. Creating a standard 3d video needs 3d experts and the cost of employing a 3d expert to create a brand’s video is not what many organizations can afford. With the constant improvements in computer hardware and the changes in rendering software, rendering time for still images is becoming a minor factor in price. However, the rendering time for animations is still a very relevant factor in their production cost.
  • Time: Time is money. Creating a 2-minute-long 3d video means spending more time on working on the little nuances of the video to make it the best but its time-absorbing tendencies keep it at a back seat.
  • Revisions: The advantage the 2d has over the 3d is that once mistakes are made and revisions are required, it is easy to get the artist to correct the particular frame but for a 3d video, this is not as easy, if possible at all. The biggest single thing you can do to reduce rendering time is to reduce the number of required revisions by giving detailed plans and specific feedback. Every time you require a revision, some or all of the image needs to be re-rendered, so fewer revisions results in less total rendering time. Reducing revisions may save you money in the long run

3d is one of the most favorable types of animation to use for a brand advertisement as it shows the exact or life-sized version of the product, how to use it and the problems it can solve. However, as you’ve seen it is often not the best option for time-or-budget constrained projects as resources needed can escalate quickly.

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