What is 2d Motion Graphics Animation?

The differences in the needs between every company vary as much as the difference in each industry and product or service. This is why there is a need for a different type of advertisement to portray each idea, brand, and function. Some companies can use a simple 2d character animation video to explain what their organization does because its services or products are not as complex as other companies. For example, an e-commerce brand does not need an explainer video that will shine so much light on its function as much as a software company would. This is why there is a need for a type of animation that can explain the complexity of the product or service in a way that the target audience would understand. This is what makes it a necessity for organizations with complex procedures.

What is 2D Motion Graphics Animation?

 2D motion graphics animation uses a colorful and fresh feel to hold the audience’s attention while explaining to them, the steps to using these products, in simple terms. According to Wikipedia, ‘Motion graphics are pieces of animation or digital footage which create the illusion of motion or rotation, and are usually combined with audio for use in multimedia projects’. 2D motion graphics animation is best used for companies with complex products, goods, processes, and services. It helps take the audience through the steps and processes of using a product.

Now, you know what it is and how it is different from 2d character animation. So, what advantages do you derive from it?

  1. Cost: Compared to 3d animation, 2d motion graphics animation is not as expensive and does not require you to break the bank to make an explainer video. The advent of video creating software has made it easier to make these videos for one’s brand while paying attention to your brand’s desires.
  2. Revisions needed: As every video can require some revisions to be made, the revisions needed during a 2d motion graphics animation video is not as cost and time absorbing as a 3d animation video.
  3. Industry-standard: While more people are interested in making their videos real, 2d motion graphics animation is the industry standard for explainer videos. This is because it combines the ease of understandability with the cost-effectiveness needed for every profit-making business.
  4. Simplicity: 2d motion graphics animation takes into consideration the brand’s specifications. This means that for a brand with a complex product, procedure, or service, the simplicity of this type of explainer video makes it easy to focus on explaining the product and making it understandable for its target audience.
  5. Brightens creativity: Since 2d motion graphics animation can be used for abstract ideas, it can help create an avenue for the target audience to walk in the brand’s brain. When this happens abstract ideas can take shape and form substance.

The disadvantages of 2d motion graphics animations include the struggle for realism as people want things that seem more real and relatable and using some types of available software to create the video can lead to it being more expensive than ready-made or free software.