What is 2d Character Animation?

The success of animation movies cannot be underestimated anymore. With movies like The Lion King and Frozen grossing very highly on the box office, showing that animation cannot be seen as something to be watched by only the kids. Brand marketers, advertisers, web designers, and brands have noticed how visually appealing explainer videos are by the conversion rates, ability to show creativity and draw the audience’s attention, return on investment, ease of use, and the shortness of these videos and have decided to incorporate these into advertising their products and services.

Of the various types of explainer videos, the 2D Character Animation video is one of the types of explainer videos that are used by a wide range of industries. 

What is 2D Character Animation?

2D Character Animation is a type of animation that uses the viewer’s perspective to create the illusion of depth. This means that the characters in these videos can move up, down, left, or right but do not possess any depth (are rather flat), but rely on the placement and the viewer’s gaze to create a form of deepness to the characters. 2D Animation deals with creating its characters in a 2-dimensional space where everything is flat and the right placement of the characters can trick the viewers into thinking they have some depth or thickness to them.

Knowing what a 2d animation video is and the fact that it has grown in popularity, what, then, are its advantages over the other types of animation? 

  1. Cost-effective: Being budget-conscious is the most important rule for every organization. Making an excellent video does not need to come with a scary price tag. 2d animation is considerably cheaper than 3d animation.
  2. Quick and easy: While all animation videos take some level of expertise, 2d animation videos are quick and easy to produce compared to its alternatives when using the ready-made templates.
  3. Ensure creativity and artistic freedom: 2d animation videos ensure artistic freedom and creativity in the creation of the video and explaining the ideas and products. Explaining the processes or functions of a product can be done easily with 2d animation as it can describe abstract ideas.

With all the advantages that 2d character animation has, there are some reasons why this type of animation will not be suited for all types of businesses. These are; 

  1. Only 2 aspects can be seen as all points in time: The fact that 2d character animation doesn’t show depth makes it only suited to some businesses that have no need to show depth.
  2. Less realistic: 2d animation characters are not as real looking as 3d characters and this will make it an unsuitable choice for some products that need to be explained in-depth.
  3. It can be expensive: In some cases, some 2d videos can be more expensive than 3d videos depending on the type of software used to make it.
  4. Less demand: With the rise in demand for something more realistic looking, there is less demand for 2d animation videos.

With all the advantages and disadvantages, 2d character animation can be the type of video for a business, weighing the pros and cons of using this type of animation to get a product seen by its target audience. 

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