What is 2.5d Animation?

Organizations think of the best way to maximize their return on investment and conversion rates by working on getting the best of both worlds during advertising. Brands have to pay attention to their profit and need to make a calculated decision, looking at their products, developmental costs, and the audiences’ wants, during every budgetary session. This means that they will make an explainer video that will trick their audience into thinking it is of more quality and that more expense was spared in making the video. This exact need is what introduced and increased the need for the creation of 2.5d animation.

What is 2.5d Animation?

This type of animation combines the characters created for a 2d environment and the background of a 3d space to form a more realistic video by tricking the audience into thinking the character has more depth and thickness by using layering, shadowing, perspective animation, and morphing techniques. 2.5d animation helps make organizations’ dreams come true by giving them the best of both worlds. Ipermedia also helps to define this animation technique in easily understandable ways in its post about 2.5D- animation.

 Some interesting things to know about this technique of animation include;

  • It started with the creation of 2d indie games.
  • It allows for customization: This type of animation technique allows the needs of the target audience to take a paramount position in the reason for the creation of the video. The desires of the target audience in relation to the brand or product allow the videos to be customized for their needs.
  • It is used by website designers, brand marketers, gamers, artists, and storytellers because it gives a more realistic effect: With the rise in realism, 2.5d animation videos takes the needs of the audience, creation of more realistic characters, into consideration.
  • It takes less time to create a 2.5d animation video than it takes to make a 3d animation video: Creating depths by using shadowing and layering techniques means that a 2.5d animation video simply simulates the effects of having a 3d animation video made at a lot faster time.
  • It is a budget-friendly option to create a video with this technique than other more expensive options. 

With the above interesting facts and pros of creating a 2.5d animation video, some challenges can make this great technique seem quite difficult. These are; 

  • It can be time-consuming: The creation of 2.5d animation videos means that the videos are created in both a 2d space and a 3d background which would mean that it can be time-consuming to produce these types of videos.
  • Expensive: Making an excellent 2.5d animation video involves employing the services of an expert in the field and experts do not come cheap. This will mean that the cost of getting an excellent video may include breaking the bank.

The right expertise can assist your brand in nullifying any problems that are associated with making the perfect avenue to show your brand’s products and services.