What are the differences between a cheap and an expensive Explainer Video?

Explainer Videos have gained popularity in marketing since the rise in video marketing. Brand Marketers, businesses, communicators, etc choose this type of marketing because of its ability to tell the audience what they need to know about a product or service in the shortest amount of time possible and in a fun and engaging way and with the very appealing benefits that come with making an Explainer Video for a business. Businesses, due to the difference and restrictions in their budgetary practices, create different types of Explainer Videos and there is a need to know what makes some Explainer Videos expensive and what makes some cheap.

Making an Explainer Video means creating different aspects of the video separately and then combining them together. The parts of Explainer Videos include;

  • The Space (whether 3d, 2d, or whiteboard). Other types like the screencast and live-action videos are a visual representation of a digital recording.
  • The Characters. Whether 3d or 2d, stop motion or hand-drawn characters and objects.
  • The Script
  • The Voice-over
  • The Animation process

Creating all these different parts of the video will require some expenses to be incurred but there has to be a difference between an expensive video and a cheap one. It all comes down to the resources put into developing it – whether it is a template/ stock video or it is a custom video. To get some extra insight, read through our answer on how much Explainer Videos cost.

What is a Template or Stock video?

This is the type of Explainer Video that makes use of the pre-designed characters and designs in the animation library to make the video. These characters are not changeable. What you see is what you get. Template or stock characters are not custom-created with the emotions and characteristics and this makes them suitable for multi-use. It also limits creativity as specific colors and shapes cannot be used during the creation of a template or stock video. When a template video is made, it is faster and cheaper because the characters are created already at absolutely no cost. Choosing to make a template video can be a really good idea for brands with limited budgets as there are some templates with good characters.

What is a Custom video?

This type of Explainer Videos uses characters that are custom-made for the video. In this type of video, a brand’s creativity comes out to play. The characters and objects are created with the emotions and characteristics the brand is trying to convey during the video. It can focus on colors, sizes, shapes, and features of the product to draw the attention of the audience to what the product looks like. A custom video takes more time because the characters are drawn with the specifications of the brand. The voice-over is also professionally recorded without sounding robotic as stock video voice-overs would sound when using a template. The uniqueness of a custom video gives a professional and expensive feel to the product making the audience view the brand as a quality-conscious brand.

Creating a video, whether custom or stock may require some uniqueness of the animator and this is entirely possible using our services. The great thing about customization is that it leads to high engagement because your audience can instantly identify with the characters, scenarios, and stories crafted just for them.

At Cleverclip for instance, we involve a project manager, a designer and illustrator, a motion designer, a sound specialist, and a voiceover artist in most projects. If you consider what it really takes to animate something, then you’ll understand where the budget goes into.

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