What are Explainer Videos used for?

Video advertising is a completely versatile mode of advertising as it enables a business to get across to its target audience, bringing the product and services that solve whatever problems they may have. Creating an Explainer Video for one’s brand means showing it off on all available platforms so that it can drive the much-needed traffic towards the business and help the business achieve its goals. So, what, exactly, are Explainer Videos used for?

  • Homepage: Using an Explainer Video on the homepage of a brand’s website is the easiest and most common way to hold the attention of their visitors. Companies are gradually drawing out of the all-text because studies have shown that viewers do not read as much as they used to and have decided to talk to their visitors using short videos that tell them what they need to know.
  • Email marketing: Email marketing is on the rise with results showing that 269 billion emails were sent and received each day in 2017 and the number is expected to grow each year, up to 320 billion emails per day by 2021. With the rise in email marketing, there will be a need for the brand to stand apart from the usual spam received. Explainer Videos help with telling the customer what services are on and how they can maximize the opportunity presented to them.
  • Sales presentation: The main advantage of Explainer Videos is to improve the sales of a business’s products and services. Presenting a new product to the public can be a very taking job due to a lot of variables that determine how to present the product in the best light to gain interest in the viewers. Using an Explainer Video gets this stress off your shoulders. It would simply talk to the viewers in a language they understand while telling them what they have to gain by using the products, tips, and tricks to using the products and most importantly, what problems it solves in their daily lives.
  • Shows and exhibitions: Exhibitions are always full of various businesses and prospective customers. These customers will see a lot of similar products by different brands but need something different to draw their attention towards a particular brand. This can be solely done with Explainer Videos. These videos can be played on a loop to continuously attract customers while giving them a quick, short, and easy depiction of your products and their uses.
  • Internal training: Onboarding is a process where new employees are integrated into a company and are taught the processes, duties, products, and services of the company. This process can be done faster with Explainer Videos. It can be created in short bursts (a topic for each video) for quick assimilation. It can also be used for subsequent training that may arise for existing staff. It is quick and reduces the amount of manpower needed for the otherwise lengthy process.
  • Advertisement: Explainer Videos are the perfect tools needed in advertising a new product or rebranding an existing one. It can be used across all social media platforms and does not have to be customized for every platform. It can be used to target customers with similar interests and needs as the existing ones. It can make use of typography animation to get the information across to all customers while getting them to read what they would have otherwise ignored.

There are different uses for Explainer Videos and this depends on the needs of the target audience, the brand and the particular type of Explainer Video created.