How to make an Explainer Video?

Advertising your brand or product and have finally chosen to use an Explainer Video to showcase your products and draw the attention of your target audience but are now at the point when you are thinking about how to make an Explainer Video? This is no need to worry. Making an Explainer Video for a brand’s product or services means that the video has to show the advantages of purchasing the product.

There are 4 major things to be considered when creating an Explainer Video for your business. These are:

  • The audience for your message: Learning how to properly identify, segment and profile your audience can take your business far. Focusing on the segments that bring you the most revenue will then be the logical approach to take. This is, however, something that most businesses don’t do – and which leads to bland and generic communication that no specific segment can identify themselves with, thus reducing the effectiveness of any message conveyed.
  • The message you are conveying: The typical business usually wants to include everything they could want to say to their audience. Understanding which story you really want to tell, and which information you want your audience to take away is never something easy to do.
  • The type of Explainer Video: Whether 2d, 3d, whiteboard, screencast, typography, 2.5d, or stop motion animation videos. The choice is entirely yours while thinking of what suits a brand and the type of product it has chosen to sell.
  • How long you want the video to last: Making an Explainer Video for your business means that you want to shine a light on your brand and draw attention to the product in a way that delivers not only enough, but the right information in the shortest amount of time possible. An Explainer Video that lasts too long will not accomplish any of that because the audience will get bored and move away.

Bearing the things to be considered in mind, the steps to creating an Explainer Video are:

  • Writing the script: The script contains the things you want to say to the target audience about the product, its uses, and the problems it solves. Writing the script that an Explainer Video tells is a very important aspect of its creation. A freelancer can be hired to write the script or it can be done by the creators of the product because scriptwriting tells the story and shines a favorable light on the product.
  • Drawings or characters: This is one important aspect of the creation of an Explainer Video that varies among different types of animation. For a 3d animation, the characters will have to be created by a 3d expert in a 3d space. For a 2d video, the characters will be hand-drawn and then the pictures are taken frame by frame to simulate movement, for stop motion, the objects will be photographed so there is the need for a professional photographer. For a whiteboard animation video, drawings will have to be sourced from artists. The characters used in the creation of an Explainer Video make an important impact on how the video looks like after it has been edited and it is played. Professionally-drawn characters give the video a clean and custom-made feel to the video thereby improving on the brand’s awareness and visibility.
  • Storyboarding
  • Prototyping
  • Animation
  • Voice over:  A voice-over is an audio recording that narrates what the viewer is seeing. Voice overs are important for Explainer Videos as they help narrate and shed more light on the drawings, character movement and activities during the video. Voice overs can also be neglected during some kind of Explainer Videos like the typography animation videos that use moving text. With this type, viewers read and are entranced by what the texts become thereby completely cutting out the need to listen to any narration. Music can also be added to set the mood required to attract the viewers.
  • Soundtrack
  • Final editing

Making an Explainer Video can be done by oneself but it is more important to get a well-done video by professionals that will help attract your audience and convert them into profit.