How to create Explainer Videos for free

The rise in video content has shined new light in getting viewers attracted to brands with companies using video content everywhere from websites to social media. Nothing of value is ever truly free. Start-ups and companies with small budgets may find it difficult to pay a large sum of money in the creation of an Explainer Video and may choose to do this by themselves. The advertising costs should be evaluated carefully and should be justified by the results it generates. Choosing a cheaper type of advertising might be very appealing to new businesses as they are budget-strapped and need to make every dollar count. However, this also usually happens due to a lack of knowledge of the added value, in terms of ROI, that a less cheap option may generate. Spending less also means generating less – literally, you get what you’re paying for. 

Now, by all means, we’re not saying that small businesses, especially startups shouldn’t go this way. After all, you can only spend what you have, and businesses need to have the necessary cash-flow to make it until the end of the day. If a business, however, has the cash-flow, the rational decision is to go for the alternative that generates the best return on investment – making every dollar count.

The one thing that makes a brand unique may be what does not exist in the competing brand, and this can show in the type, and quality of advertising used. Creating an Explainer Video for free may be very appealing as there might be little to no cost incurred during this, but is this possible? With the advent of online software available to help create Explainer Videos, a new light is shone on advertisement cost. So, some sites that help you to create explainer videos for free include;

  1. Biteable: A very popular site with attractive templates and characters advertise their video production services across a wide range of industries, including education. Although the free plan includes features like 10 videos per month, most of the important features are paid and their videos are watermarked requiring payment to remove the watermarks.
  2. Vyond (Formerly GoAnimate): Vyond is one of the sites that attract viewers with their characters and templates. They produce services adaptable to e-learning, human resources, and Marketing. Vyond has a free-trial period of 14 days but has most of its features restricted with watermarks placed on the videos created.
  3. Powtoon:  This attractive software for Explainer Videos is one with very attractive characters that are fun to watch and converts viewers easily. The free plan on Powtoon also has its limitations. It has the Powtoon branding attached to the videos made, the maximum length for any video created on the free plan is 3 minutes, and the characters are only very limited to the available ones on the free plan.
  4. Animaker: Animaker has the very lovable ‘drag-and-drop’ function that makes the site a dream for new users. With 120 different types of animation and 5 different video styles, it is an experimentalist’s dream. The free plan on Animaker has limited capabilities, restricted stock characters, 5 exports in a month, and a maximum of 2 minutes for the length of the videos created on the plan.

Since the word ‘free’ can be subject to interpretation, Businesses may decide to use any of the free plans to create Explainer Videos for their brands or hire freelancers to create these videos. Payment will be required when hiring freelancers but it can be adjusted to fit a business’s budget. You’ll, however, still need to provide a well-crafted script – one that relates to your audience’s pain and accept that what you’ll get will be limited to a templated non-branded solution.

Deciding to go to the big people’s league means you’ll be offsetting all the heavy-lifting (brainstorming, conception, scripting, storyboarding, animation, voiceover, illustration, etc) to an experienced agency. Speaking to an Explainer Video company that can understand your brand and what it requires during advertising is the most important step in any video production process.

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