How much do Explainer Videos cost?

The cost associated with creating an Explainer Video is one of the most important things to consider when choosing to use one to advertise a brand’s products. Advertising a brand’s products and services has always been thought to require businesses breaking the bank for these projects but this is not the case. Every business is required to evaluate its advertisement cost to ensure that it is being spent wisely.

Making an Explainer Video means choosing the right type of video to suit your marketing goals and the product’s needs, which is why giving a specific answer to the cost of an Explainer Video has to do with the factors that should be considered when making the video. These include;

  • The budget for the video: Every plan should have a budget detailing the cost that should be spent on it to maximize efficiency.
  • The type of video: There are different types of Explainer Videos. From 2d to 2.5d, 3d, whiteboard, screencast, live-action, live-action with track elements, etc. The differences in the types of videos signify their uniqueness and what the overall look and feel of the video will be. Bearing this in mind, there are different needs in creating these different types of animation. 3d animation will need a studio setting and experts to create a real movement in their characters. 2d will require an artist to hand-draw the characters before they are animated, Whiteboard animation will need an artist to hand draw the characters, etc.
  • What the product or brand tells its target audience: Rebranding an existing product, introducing a new product, explaining how to use a product, etc are some of the different things an Explainer Video tells its target audience.
  • How long the video will be. This is usually the most common question our clients bring to us.
  • How many videos the brand needs.
  • How quickly the video is needed.
  • The script and voice-over for the video.

Even with all the above factors that affect the pricing of an Explainer Video, where and how the Explainer Video is made makes up and consumes the entire budget. These are;

  1. Online Animation Platforms: These platforms include Biteable, Vyond, Animaker, Powtoon, Moovly, etc. These platforms seem to be the best idea for small businesses without a large budget that wants to get involved with the creation of their videos. What to know is that they may cost $50-$500 for their free to paid plans and users have to choose from the stock characters and templates available. If there is a custom specification for a character, it may not be possible to have this specification in the video. The company will also have to be involved in the creation of the script and to check through the templates and characters by themselves.
  2. Freelancers: Freelance platforms like Upwork and Fiverr are perfect spots for hiring freelance animators that can get the job done. Freelancer’s costs vary. The only challenge here is to hire a freelancer each for different aspects of the job. A scriptwriter for the script, animator for the compilation, a voice-over specialist, an artist for the characters, etc. A considerable amount of time will have to be kept aside to screen the willing parties and it may take some more time because the more competent freelancers may be occupied and waiting for them to be free will take more time.
  3. An Explainer Video production company – such as Cleverclip: This option is usually very much ROI driven, not only because it shifts away the ownership of the whole process, from the business to the hired agency and their team, but also because it makes sure you’re getting unique and tailored content optimized to the message and audience your trying to convey to. The idea and the type of video are usually recommended (or should be at least) by the provider and the whole thing should make you feel like you’re getting what you’re paying for. This option can range from $2000- $10000+ (price entirely depends on how much resources are behind it). It may seem like an ideal option but small-scale companies may not have the budget for this and can choose to go with freelancers for their videos. Everything is taken off the hands of the brand and will be custom-created by a team of designers, animators, project managers, and sound specialists.
  4. A marketing company: The big bucks come out to play in this option as their prices encompass everything. One thing to know is that marketing companies may hire Explainer Video companies or freelancers to perform the job of creating the videos and then take the rest of the job off their hands. While leaving everything up to someone else may sound like a holiday, it should not be the case. Each brand should really make clear specifications about its own branding guidelines in terms of communication, be firm about deadlines, and keep a close eye on quality.

The cost of Explainer Videos varies by many factors and adjusting to knowing what a business needs and provides are ways to find the best option for the brand. Speaking to the right company can give you an idea of how the Explainer Videos may cost and it may be deliberated to a comfortable price.

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