How long should Explainer Videos be?

Holding your viewer’s attention long enough to pass the information desired by an organization about their products and services, and even nudging them to make a purchase is the main objective of advertising. Television advertising used to be very popular during the past years but with the advent of social media, advertising has moved on to a broader platform with businesses recognizing the profitability of this means of showing off their products.

With this shift and advancement in technology, viewers are bombarded with different videos every day which has led to a shorter attention span, as people first – no longer have the will to consume lengthy texts or articles and, second – they, we, increasingly tend to raise the bar for what we’re actually willing to give a sip of attention span to.  Sumome showed that only 20% of their readers completely read their articles. Not only that, the average visitor would only read 25% of an article.  Because of this decline in the number of readers, there has become a growing need to sort out the relevant information from the number of videos viewed and present the information in the quickest time (while the viewers are still engaged).

So, how long should Explainer Videos be? (drumroll as this is our number one question we get from customers)

Getting the viewers to be engrossed in the video is the first step to every Explainer Video success and this means creating the right type of Explainer Video for your product, choosing the right characters, and a quality voice over. Passing the first hurdle, dishing out the important information during the time the visitors are still engaged becomes important because the longer it is, the lesser the number of viewers at the end.

According to Breadnbeyond and our own experience, the ideal length for an Explainer Video is from 1 to 2 minutes, based on research. During this time, the attention of the viewers is held and the main information can be passed with the CTAs used effectively. When the 2-minute window is up, the views drop from 77% to 57%, which is a significant decrease. The research also shows that animated Explainer Videos that are shorter than 60 seconds have the highest retention rate, viewers’ rate of retention decreases as the video gets longer. Yumyum states that a 90-second video is an ideal length for an Explainer Video. It is not too long to make the viewers bored and lose attention and just the right length to explain the product or service to the viewers. This depends on the marketing goals of the business creating the video. A 30-second video may be the best type of video for explaining a simple product or idea, to create brand awareness, or to share it on social media but a longer video is better suited to a more complex idea or service, is a whiteboard animation video, or the product has features that need an in-depth explanation.

There is no set rule for how long an Explainer Video should be. The needs of every business, product, or service vary to the target audience. Videos that target Millennials and Gen-Z may be shorter due to their shrinking attention span and for the older audience, they could be longer. In the same case, if the product or service is complex and would need more explanation, won’t it be better to create a longer video? The choice is entirely yours!

Speaking to a professional will ensure that your brand gets all the information needed to optimize the effects of using an Explainer Video while assisting in the organizational goals and objectives.

Get in touch with our team of Project Managers today. Tell us what complex topics you’re facing and we’ll take it from there, clearing out every question you may have and taking you through our process. No commitment whatsoever. We understand that if we don’t end up working together right now, you’ll already be in a more comfortable position to reach out in the future.

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