How Effective Are Explainer Videos?

Explainer Videos are getting their time in the limelight. Businesses, music videos, marketers, communicators, and websites are using these short, simple videos to get their products and message noticed by their target audiences. Because marketing even a useful product the wrong way can lead to the product’s failure, the world’s web has created an outlet to reach as many of a company’s target audience as it desires. Companies have spent their time and resources into creating a process or a product that is beneficial to their target audience and drawing their target audience’s attention is not the only effect that these businesses derive from using an Explainer Video. 

So, are you thinking about the effects of using an Explainer Video? What possible benefits can your internal teams and your business itself derive from communicating or promoting itself with an Explainer Video?

  • They are simple: Explainer Videos are short and straightforward passing the information quickly and easily. This fact is beneficial to businesses as a two to three-minute video can be quickly watched than an hour-long video. People are very time conscious and taking the time to read a two-page long write up or a long video does not work to their advantage.
  • They promote creativity: New ideas are consistently searched as the more unique an idea is, the more the target audience will flock to it like bees to honey. Explainer Videos enable you to show the creativity of your brand, product, and services in a way that benefits your business.
  • They are versatile: There is nothing better than a one-size-fits-all type of advertisement. Explainer Videos can be used across different social media platforms, television, websites, and billboards. The essence of these videos is not lost as they do not have to be modified to fit a new form of Video Advertisement.
  • They can help boost conversion rates: Explainer Videos have call-to-action words in them that subconsciously call to the viewers to make purchases. This is very beneficial as it helps businesses maximize profits.
  • They can help with Google rankings: Did you know that websites with videos are a lot more times likely to be ranked on Google’s first page? This means that your business will get more visibility as most people cannot be bothered enough to search through other pages before clicking on the first page.
  • Maximizing your ROI: Spending a token to get a lot in rewards is going to feel a lot better. Companies like Dropbox and CrazyEgg gained more than $24M and $21,000 monthly revenues respectively after spending considerably less to create Explainer Videos for their brands.
  • They help your customers understand your products or services: Explainer Videos assist customers in understanding and finding new ways to use a company’s products or services.
  • They can help influence business decisions: Instead of the boring old PowerPoint presentations at board and business meetings, Explainer Videos can help you say what you want to say without you having to explain everything word for word. This can paint your business in a very impressive manner.

Explainer Videos can also help you expand your brand’s visibility and reach to its various customers. With how effective Explainer Videos are for your business, making the right video is all that matters.