How can Sales Managers use Explainer Videos?

Advertising goes hand in hand with sales. The reason for advertising a business’s products and services is to garner more sales from its target audience. Advertising helps inform the public about the availability of a product or service that can solve a particular problem they may encounter then sales representatives reach out to these customers to facilitate the sales of these products. While advertising is a form of general outflow to information to prospective users, sales is a more personal approach between the salesperson and the customer. All the activities and functions of a salesperson are governed by a Sales Manager.

A Sales Manager is the person responsible for leading and instructing a team of salespeople. The Sales Manager has to lead and instruct the sales team, hire and fire salespeople, perform and assign sales training, assign sales territories, setting quotas, making a sales plan, and a lot of other functions. This is all done easily with the use of Explainer Videos. So, how can Sales Managers use Explainer Videos?

  • Onboarding process: The times when Sales Managers have to talk for long periods of time to new recruits is fading away. Sales managers can use Explainer Videos to introduce the business, goals, targets, the duties, and responsibilities of the recruits, rules, and regulations, and other performance indicators. This will help the new employees understand the processes and procedures of the new organization in a standardized and not subject to personal bias.
  • Training: Not to be confused with the onboarding process, Explainer Videos can be used to explain new or complex sales techniques, simplify the sales training for new and existing employees, and motivate the team towards achieving their set goals.
  • Show sales analysis and reports: The Sales Manager’s job also spans into performance reports and sales territory analysis. This entails complex figures and facts that may confuse the user of this information. An Explainer Video helps simplify the analysis and territory reports in a way that states very clearly what the situation of things is, what territories are functioning, and what can be done about the less-producing territories.
  • Provides information about a product: An Explainer Video helps Sales Managers to explain the product or service by breaking it down into small, easily understandable sentences ending with a sales quotation to give the desired push towards the customers. It helps the salespeople explain complex processes in easily understandable words.

The importance of Explainer Videos to Sales Managers is indisputable as it allows for the easy flow of information from the managerial position to the employees. When the Manager knows his duties and passes the information to his employees in simple terms, using an Explainer Video, the goals and objectives of the team will be met, thereby affecting and improving the organizational goals.