How can HR Managers use Explainer Videos?

Human Resources remain one of the vital aspects of any business. The Human Resources department is the department in charge of hiring, administration, and training of the people who make up the workforce of an organization. Until recently, Human Resources used to be considered as one of the lower levels in the corporate levels of business even when they are in charge of organizations’ greatest resources.

The job description of Human Resources Managers has grown wider in the 21st century. Spanning from just staffing functions to dissemination of information in the most effective way that would encourage retention. Explainer videos have helped Human Resource Managers in taking out the monotonous job of having to speak to a large number of new hires or training the members of staff for a number of days and letting the information be passed in short bursts, quickly and easily.

So, how can Human Resources Managers use explainer videos?

  1. Onboarding: It is in the description of Human Resources staff to train and inform new employees of an organization. This includes telling them about the rules and regulations of the company and the company’s standards. Explainer videos can take out this monotonous part of the job, allowing the information to be delivered to them using interesting texts and characters.
  2. Training: During the job, different training activities might be undertaken by the members of the staff to update their working policies. Using an explainer video to train staff members makes for an interesting program where the information passed can be easily retained and called upon when needed.
  3. Announcements: There are various notices, memos, and announcements that may arise internally in the course of business. Explainer videos allow the members of staff to pay attention to the new information in a way that benefits the business and keeps the organization updated.
  4. Change of policies: Explainer videos are a perfect medium for the dissemination of important notices like the change of the policies of the business.
  5. Legal and Health regulations: Knowing what to do during a health and safety-related announcement or any legal proceeding can be taught to the members of the staff using an explainer video. This will help break down the steps, rules and regulations, and safety procedures during any occupational hazard that may occur.
  6. Job application: The Human Resources department is in charge of hiring new staff for the organization. The business world is evolving with members of the Human Resources department not being able to keep up with the number of job applications received for each job posting. Explainer videos make it easier for Human Resources managers to go through a large number of job applicants and find the right match for their organization.
  7. Boost morale and staff motivation: Working for a long period of time means that morale begins to get low and employees can start to become bored. Explainer videos can be used to pass snippets of inspiration and boost the morale of the workers in the business thereby increasing the workers’ productivity.

Explainer Videos are very useful for Human Resources Managers as they help them focus on more important goals and objectives of the company in relation to the workers and their welfare. Speaking to the right company for the creation of the Human Resource Explainer Video is necessary for achieving the set goals and objectives of the department. 

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