How can Explainer Videos help businesses?

 There has been a boom in the usage of explainer videos to assist businesses with advertising their new/existing products, explaining problems and new tricks and tips to using their products. From educational to business purposes, explainer videos prove to be relevant in assisting businesses to pass their most important information in the shortest amount of time, leading to higher profits.

People are lazy and do not care to read a page-long text to get the reason for the write-up. According to the research on how little users read, only 20% of the text is read on an average page and users only read 28% of the words on a page with 593 words if they spend all their time reading, which is not possible. Studies have also shown that videos improve learning by up to 400% and an average person only remembers a fifth of what they hear.

With the research and studies on human behavior that has taken place, it is essential to know what explainer videos do and how it helps businesses. These are;

  1. Communicating your business effectively: Explainer videos help businesses by telling the target audience what their product does, how to use the products, and what problems the products solve in a short time. Telling the target audience is done very effectively using an explainer video that can go into the nitty-gritty part of the brand and explain any complex terms in the simplest of terms.
  2. Increase conversion rates: The most important goal of any business is to make profit and explainer videos helps brands achieve this by directing customers to the organization’s website for the purchase of their products. Besides, in the post aboutthe psychology of explainer videos, 85% of viewers are more likely to buy a product after watching an explainer video because the more you see, the more you learn, the more you learn, the more you believe you are taking a responsible and informed decision.   
  3. Enhances creativity: An explainer video helps businesses enhance their creativity in the styles and ideas used in creating the videos. Viewers are very interested in seeing or watching a video that is bringing a new style to the table. This attraction keeps them glued to the screen until the entirety of the information is passed and it also keeps this information in their minds and nudges them in approaching the brand for their needs.
  4. Versatility: There are a lot of platforms for advertising and having to spend an exorbitant sum in creating a suitable means of advertising for every platform is eradicated. Explainer videos have a ‘one-size-fits-all’ feature that is carried across all social media advertisement platforms, billboards, and television. This helps the budgetary aspect of the organization. 
  5. Liven texts in web homepages: Getting to a business’ homepage means getting swamped by long boring texts that customers do not care to read which may lead to them navigating straight out of the website. Explainer videos help hold the visitor’s attention throughout their visit and help them understand the brand, giving website homepages a more organized look with fewer items on its homepage.

Explainer videos are also indirectly effective in helping businesses rank better on Google’s SERP. The power of explainer videos in their advantages towards a business’s goals and objectives is extensive and should not be overlooked as they provide quick ways to achieve the laid down objectives.

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