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We live in the 8-second era, where our minds intake so much information that it is a struggle to focus on a single task for more than eight seconds. We like to say that our services help leaders and businesses communicate their ideas better, but what we really do is increase the chances of those ideas sticking in the audience’s mind.
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What we do

We're a curious bunch at Cleverclip. And the more years that pass by, the more we stay focused on looking ahead to new ideas and opportunities, rather than behind. We understand that the market has matured, and we're not alone anymore. With that in mind, we've brought in new solutions that offer better results for our clients, whether it's more user engagement, less process friction, or an increased attention span — allowing our clients to be ahead of their own competitors.

Explainer Videos

Explainer Videos

Turn any complex idea into an animated explainer video. Understand your audience, your goals, and reduce your message to its bare essence.
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Interactive Content

Interactive Content

Users are now making more decisions and, consequently, have less time to do them in than ever. Engaging content helps bring a winning edge to any content visualization.
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Explainer Videos

This is how Cleverclip started, and it’s the core of our work.

Whether it’s a whiteboard animation, a 2D animation, or a full-blown 3D explainer video, our team of project managers, creatives, artists and developers work together to turn a concept into reality.

We will create an animated visual experience that takes your audience on a journey through a topic of your choice. Explaining a new process to your employees, launching a new product line, or bringing your written content to life: these are all scenarios when an explainer video from Cleverclip is the best format to channel your message.

The Swiss Red Cross is committed to helping the weakest members of our society. With its Strategy 2030, it is focusing on new strategic directions to achieve the desired goals. We had the opportunity to support the SRC with an exciting illustration and a series of explainer videos.

No more paperwork – that’s the motto for the new selfadmin of the BLKB. With this product, every company can now handle all administrative tasks quickly and easily online. We had the opportunity to demonstrate how this works exactly in an explainer video.

The world is interconnected, but what exactly happens on our own doorstep? In the age of digitalization, an app should now bring the neighborhood closer together again. To demonstrate exactly how this works, we have created an explainer video.

Developed by researchers, made for researchers – A revolutionary app is supposed to enable doctors and scientists to conduct precise nutritional research. We were allowed to illustrate the exact procedure in an explainer video.

Interactive Content

Readers are out of time. And your business is too if you’re not able to engage your audience effectively in the 8-second era.

Businesspeople send and receive an average of 121 emails each day. A typical adult is exposed to an average of 247 marketing messages a day. 28% of the average adult’s time each day is spent on social media, where marketing messages are abundant.

You need to step up and start turning your content into interactive experiences, presenting data and information differently in an easy-to-scan and easy-to-share format.

Are you a master chef? A master in listening to music? Or in playing soccer?  You can find it out – with our “Road to Perfection”. Using an exciting, interactive microsite, we take the user on a journey through his favorite activities and show how good he really is in his ” profession “. 

The Swiss Innovation Forum 2019 – a major trade fair for Swiss companies. This time we had a completely different task: no explainer video or any infographic for one of our customers. This time we had the chance to put ourselves into the spotlight – with our own Cleverclip booth. Our goal was to create […]

The Interpack trade fair will be held once again! And TPL wants to combine this with a very special event: 60 years of success shall be celebrated! For this purpose we had the pleasure to create an interactive landing page, which is supposed to serve as an information and registration portal for the event. Through […]

Using interactive elements, an internal website is designed to support Georg Fischer employees in their professional development and enable them to plan their next steps successfully.

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Our clients keep praising it, and we keep on improving it. No matter what format we end up producing with you, you can always count on our unique approach to problem-solving.

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We can say the most wonderful things about ourselves, but nothing says more about Cleverclip than the praise we receive from our customers.

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