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We live in the 8-second era, where our minds intake so much information that it is a struggle to focus on a single task for more than eight seconds. We like to say that our services help leaders and businesses communicate their ideas better, but what we really do is increase the chances of those ideas sticking in the audience’s mind.

Explainer Videos

This is how Cleverclip started, and it’s the core of our work.

Whether it’s a whiteboard animation, a 2d animation, or a full-blown 3d explainer video, our team of project managers, creatives, artists and developers work together to turn a concept into reality.

We will create an animated visual experience that takes your audience on a journey through a topic of your choice. Explaining a new process to your employees, launching a new product line, or bringing your written content to life: these are all scenarios when an explainer video from Cleverclip is the best format to channel your message.

Stop Motion Video – self-marketing with Xing

Stop Motion Video for Xing Services Xing should be introduced to potential new members, the image positively charged and their market entry in Switzerland accompanied. We made it our business to increase the awareness of Xing in Switzerland and to present it as an easy-to-use tool. The result is a…

An animated film for Bernese health

Mental health explained in 10 steps. Mental health - such an important issue that is still under-spoken. The Berne Health Foundation wanted to counteract this and put mental health into focus with a three-minute animated film. Especially populations that receive little information on this topic, should address the video: these…

Customer Experience – a Digital Video for Isolutions

Overcoming distance and understanding your customers - Isolutions knows how. The perfect interaction between sales and marketing in a company is not always easy. This is exactly where Isolutions helps: With a CRM solution that helps the company better understand its customers. However, the video we produce should not focus…

A video about the Valuu App by PostFinance

Finding the right mortgage advisor - not that easy in such a saturated market. And this is exactly where the "Valuu" App comes into play. With the help of an explainer video and in collaboration with Wirz Communications, we had the honour of explaining this mortgage platform from PostFinance in…

Interactive Content

Readers are out of time. And your business is too if you’re not able to engage your audience effectively in the 8-second era.

Businesspeople send and receive an average of 121 emails each day. A typical adult is exposed to an average of 247 marketing messages a day. While 28% of the average adult’s time each day is spent on social media, where marketing messages are abundant.

You need to step up and start turning your content into interactive experiences, presenting data and information differently in an easy-to-scan and easy-to-share format.

An individualized e-learning app for Swisscom

How do you explain to employees what agility means? Like many other companies, Swisscom is doing the same. Every day she is confronted with complex issues that must be explained to employees quickly and efficiently. In this case, it was about agility - but what exactly is that, what does…

Knowledge transfer through an interactive quiz

How an interactive infographic communicates knowledge in a playful way. Social engineering is a hot topic - for individuals as well as for businesses. The IT department of the Berliner Stadtreinigung (BSR) has set up an e-learning platform for information and training purposes, which informs employees about various topics. In…

An interactive manual for Swisscom

Responding to individual customer needs - with an interactive manual. We have produced an interactive manual for Swisscom, which accompanies customers step by step in the installation of hardware and supports them where they need it. Goodbye boring, gray manuals, Hello interactivity and design.

Action Christkind – Christmas card and conducting example for the post

How the post with the "action Christkind" Santa Claus plays. Each year, the Post receives countless letters addressed to Santa Claus or the Christ Child. In order not to completely burst the dreams of the little ones, the "Action Christkind" was created. And this year we too were allowed to…

Presentation Design

Have you ever been lost while looking at endless slides of someone’s live presentation? Are you the type of person that just skips passed slides when a supplier sends you a powerpoint about their latest product innovations?

Well, your customers and just like you. So set your own personal brand, tell a story, be concise in your message, and get your audience from the beginning to the end of any slide deck or live presentation.

Trade fair film & Presentation Design for Glutz AG

How we made a successful presentation for Glutz AG from a trade fair film. The client wanted a trade fair film for innovative locking systems. No sooner said than done – so well, that it was followed by a presentation. Glutz AG produces locking systems that are used, for example, in…

Presentation Design for TEDx Zürich

How to support speech with individual designs. In 2015, we had the honor of visually accompanying a number of lectures by TEDx Zurich. For selected spokespeople, we created presentation designs that were perfectly attuned to their speeches on "Re-imagining Everything".

Graphic Recording

Capture people’s ideas and expressions — in words, images, and color — as they are being spoken in the moment.

Graphic recording or facilitation is the perfect tool for bridging the world of visual thinking at a particular conference or live presentation. Everyone in the room can see, experience, and be part of it. It is exactly this connection that allows an audience to see more, to gain insights, and thus be able to make decisions.

Regardless of whether it is a meeting or conference, real-time visualization means participants and the public can get a visual representation of the message you conveyed, allowing them to later digest it, share it, and recap.

A graphic recording on Innovation Day 2018

Visual support through a graphic recording. The Innovation Day 2018 was supported live by our graphic recorder with her visual skills. The result is a whole day - summed up in one picture. The task: On September 20, around 220 customers and interested parties were invited to the Innovation Day…

Live drawings at the Swiss Innovation Forum 2017

Graphic recording at the Swiss Innovation Forum 2017. Carlo, our CEO, gave a talk on the subject of Millennials at the 12th Swiss Innovation Forum in Basel. We don’t want to place a PR text here, but rather we want to give you an example of our services. A presentation is…

Inspirational lectures visually accompanied for TEDxZurich

Graphic recordings for TEDxZurich. TedxZurich is one of largest TEDx events in Switzerland. We were able to attend and provide visual assistance to exciting talks. The task: The speakers needed visuals to support their talks. The solution: We created a graphic recording that ensures that the lecture really remained in the memories of…

“When Women Thrive” – a graphic recording for Mercer at the World Economic Forum

Support through visuals for Mercer. Mercer is a regular guest to the World Economic Forum, sharing its knowledge in panel discussions – we have assisted the company in this. The task: It was our mission to provide supporting visuals for Mercer’s talk on “When Women Thrive” at the World Economic Forum 2017.…

Infographic Design

Facebook has already predicted the end of the written word. This means that, if you haven’t yet, you need to begin switching to visual formats sooner than you probably expected. Over the past 10 years, infographics have been a visual format that allows us to present data, facts, and information in a compelling way. Not only are they easier to share, but they are more effective when it comes to impressing your audience with wonderful illustrations.

Visualisations as a basis for a discussion at the Big Picture Event

Big Picture Event - illustrations that stimulate discussion. Every two years, Bain and Company organises an event in Zurich for the CEOs of their most important customers. The "Big Picture" event. On this occasion, the heads of the economy meet in a place surrounded by art and discuss relevant and current…

Cloud readiness explained with an Infographic

How to become a cloud hero - an infographic. Business Network Communications AG, BNC, offers customized cloud solutions tailored to the diverse needs of their customers. Our task was to use an infographic to show how the way to the cloud can succeed. This is only possible with a multi-level…

An infographic for an entire book

The sprint process as an infographic. Jake Kapp’s book Sprint is one of our favourite books, and it has taught us many things. In short, it’s about how to go from problem to solution prototype in just 5 days. It was practically a must for us to make an infographic…

Change for better – an infographic

Muda, or how to work efficiently. Muda – it’s Japanese, and literally means “change for better”. Because we at Cleverclip credit ourselves with striving for constant improvement and see ourselves as a learning organization, we created an infographic to show just that.

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