Explainer Videos for Utility Services

Communication has changed. Learn how Cleverclip can improve communication strategy in the Utility service industry, to inform, acquire and retain more clients.

Communication within the Utility service industry has changed.

Energy turnaround. New technologies. Ageing workforce. Governmental policies. Utility Services face a variety of challenges today. Challenges that all affect consumer’s trust and confidence. At this point, we provide solutions: Whether it is energy supply, telecommunication or water distribution: Explainer videos are important tools for all utility services to ensure transparency, customer satisfaction and provide more access to information. Through animations and humorous interludes, we can design our utility world a little bit simpler! 

Utility service organizations of all sorts can do better. Cleverclip helps utility service companies to explain complex topics: New mobile apps to gather critical information for their installation team, a new customer self-service portal, an internal absence policy, and many others. Whether you are looking to improve your engagement with an external or internal audience, solutions such as Explainer Videos, Infographics, Interactive Content or Graphic Recordings can really help your Utility service businesses to communicate better.


Improve your customer service

We all want to deliver best customer service. Why? Well, to maximize customer satisfaction. To increase the customer retention. To achieve our business goals. Explainer videos help engaging with customers through providing fast and reliable information: A fast solution for a power out? The perfect billing plan among top providers? Key relevant topics can be summarized through graphics and animations and hence build on customers’ mind share and improve transparency. Transparency that builds trust.


Explain new Innovations

Stakeholders want continues improvement in terms of sustainability, cost savings and quality. Therefore, updating the infrastructure will always be an important issue in the utility service industry. From personalized energy to specific smart apps that help every consumer managing their own energy consumption and costs: Explainer videos summarize the innovative idea to every consumer in a simple, yet engaging way.


Announce policy changes

One thing is certain: We can’t be certain when it comes to governmental regulations. Continuously rising awareness for social responsibility and the environmental protection often result in changes in governmental policies. But those changes require much better communication with stakeholders to avoid incomprehension. Explainer videos help to close this gap between consumers and utility services by providing rapid information.


Educate employees

As you can see, explainer videos are effective means to communicate with the public. But what about internal processes? Even in this case, animated graphics can provide great solutions: New projects and technologies also mean increasing know-how. And this on the other hand requires excellent employee training and professional development. No matter if it's a short explainer video or an engaging presentation: We know how a dry and analytical topic can gain maximum attention and positive feedback from your employees!

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