Explainer Videos for SaaS

Communication has changed. Learn how Cleverclip can improve communication strategy in the SaaS industry, to inform, acquire and retain more clients.

Communication within the SaaS industry has changed.

Digitalization has brought with it countless innovations and helps billions of people every day in their everyday lives. The variety of services and products is increasing daily and customers are proactively searching the web for solutions. With an explanation video, you can win the interest of your customers and point out which problems you solve with your offer.

SaaS organizations of all sorts can do better. Cleverclip helps SaaS companies to explain complex topics such as presenting a new invoice generator app, introduce a referral or partner program, let the users preview your platform advantages towards competitors, developing internal training for a new feature, and many others.

Whether you are looking to improve your engagement with an external or internal audience, solutions such as Explainer Videos, Infographics, Interactive Content or Graphic Recordings can really help your SaaS business to communicate better.


Keep customers up to date

SaaS products are dynamic, are subject to continuous development, receive regular updates and new features. With explanatory videos, you can help your customers to better understand your product and work efficiently with it. This not only brings them closer to their customers but also helps them provide better support.


Present your solution

Inspire customers through better understanding. It is often difficult to explain complex products with flowing text and pictures. With an explanation video, you can present your product to your customers in an exciting and understandable way and create a recognition value.


Inspire with stories

Your product is a solution to a problem and there is a story behind every solution - because people understand the world through stories. With an explanation video, you can inspire your customers by telling them their stories with pictures and sound.


Show it working

In order for your customers to fully benefit from your services and products, you need to understand their application. In addition to your services, you can demonstrate the efficient and error-free use of your products to your customers with various explanatory videos.

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