Explainer Videos for NGOs

See how Cleverclip can improve communication strategy within the NGOs industry, to raise awareness, inform followers and increase contributions.

Communication within the NGOs has changed.

Non-profit organizations rely on effective marketing campaigns. Why? Because they can only generate public interest through positive PR. Explainer videos can be very helpful to achieve an emotional connection of the public by storytelling and to raise awareness for the NGO.

NGOs of all sorts can do better. Cleverclip helps NGOs to explain complex topics, such as a new migration crisis, a microcredit initiative in developing countries, explaining membership benefits and results, the launch of a worldwide funding campaign, an internal training about on-the-field safety, and many others. Whether you are looking to improve your engagement with an external or internal audience, solutions such as Explainer Videos, Infographics, Interactive Content or Graphic Recordings can really help your NGO business to communicate better.


Present your mission

Each NGO is determined by its size, scope, message, structure, history and activities. By using entertaining animations, diagrams and graphics, NGOs can present the organisation, its functions and activities to the public.


Explain the purpose

The goal of the NGOs is to encourage the public for donations by sending a meaningful message. Explainer videos are powerful means of communication to demonstrate how and why we should get involved in the NGO. 


Tell great stories

Storytelling is important to convey the message to the consumer in a transparent way and to create trust. Animated graphics and clips create valuable social media content, which on the one hand informs and on the other hand increases engagement with the public. For example, using explainer videos NGOs can present new cooperations with influencers.


Inform your staff

Operational guidelines, work schedules and budgets, strategies and programme support are all important tasks of an NGO. These areas are complex, very theoretical and analytical. Through embedding descriptive elements and diagrams, explainer videos can illustrate these concepts and briefly present them to other NGO staff.

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