Explainer Videos for IT Providers

Communication has changed. Learn how Cleverclip can improve communication strategy in the IT provider industry, to inform, acquire and retain more clients.

Communication within the IT provider industry has changed.

The IT and software industry continues to develop continuously and at a rapid pace. Innovations can be quickly presented to the audience with exciting explanatory videos, and complex specialist and expert knowledge can be easily conveyed. Products and services from the IT sector are also easily accessible to non-experts with the help of infographics and videos. Whether customers or employees – if terms and user knowledge have to be explained about software and IT, then an appealing visual presentation should not be dispensed with. Information design and information technology go hand in hand.


IT provider organizations of all sorts can do better. Cleverclip helps IT provider companies to explain complex topics: A new learning app, the meaning of  “cloud-readiness”, the importance of digital transformation, an internal holiday policy, and many others. Whether you are looking to improve your engagement with an external or internal audience, solutions such as Explainer Videos, Infographics, Interactive Content or Graphic Recordings can really help your IT provider businesses to communicate better.



Show and Tell

The functionality, handling, and benefits of new software, apps and IT services must be explained to both experts and laypersons. At the same time, the products should be made appealing to customers and business partners and presented emotionally and aesthetically. Explanatory videos offer both.


Expertise quickly conveyed

Infographics, explanatory videos and interactive learning are ideal for quickly and efficiently communicating complex specialist knowledge, terms and processes from the software and IT sector to both users and employees. The visual presentation makes complicated things suddenly very simple - and fun!


Exciting Corporate Presentations

If not only individual products, but the entire IT company is to be in the limelight, then the innovative information design solutions offer the perfect spotlights. One option is video instead of PowerPoint to captivate the audience when presenting the company at trade fairs and congresses.


New features- short and sweet

Hardly any other industry develops as fast as IT. Software upgrades and new features are intended to generate enthusiasm among users. With the help of videos, changes to the application can be announced and explained at an early stage to ensure a smooth transition and satisfied users.

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