Explainer Videos for Event providers

Communication has changed. Learn how Cleverclip can improve communication strategy in the Event provider industry, to inform, acquire and retain more clients.

Communication within the Event provider industry has changed.

The world is getting more complex. And as such, communication is evolving. Stand out from your competition through embedding video marketing into your content strategy. Explainer videos can be a powerful informative and entertaining tool for event providers to create a competitive edge and increase customer demand.

Event provider organizations of all sorts can do better. Cleverclip helps event provider companies to explain complex topics such as a way for their customers to increase audience engagement during a live event, an interactive experience to explore past event editions, improving the launch success of a new ticket-selling season, internally training volunteers on welcoming visitors, and many others. Whether you are looking to improve your engagement with an external or internal audience, solutions such as Explainer Videos, Infographics, Interactive Content or Graphic Recordings can really help your Event provider business to communicate better.



Inspire potential customers

Would you like to reach a rather large audience for the next event? Forget those page-long emails, which (unfortunately) always end in the spam folder. The traditional flyer doesn't cause that much sensation either. Impress potential customers with inviting video graphics! Using explainer videos, you can not only summarize important event details concisely, but already convince the crowd and win them over!


Score through storytelling

Telling stories can take you a long way. Especially in the event industry. Why? Because telling the right story will address your audience's understanding, their compassion and commitment. Commitment which in turn helps increasing your audience number, the engagement rate, and benefits the company image.


Help clients doing business with you

Cleverclip prepares you for better business procedures in every way - with an interactive learning app, a video explaining the services you offer or an infographic illustrating internal processes to employees. By using explainer videos, you increase transparency within your company for all sorts of stakeholders.


Transform your marketing

Animations and eye-catching presentations are especially powerful on social media platforms to captivate the audience. Music combined with humour, drawings, graphic illustrations, 3D animations, everything is possible! In the end, entertainment and creativity are a must at every event!

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