Being industry-agnostic helps us to be open to any type of client, from a large corporation to an upcoming startup.

Pharmaceutical companies

Animation films are ideal for explaining complex topics in the pharmaceutical industry to both staff and clients in a simple and target-group-oriented way.

Healthcare providers

Healthcare organizations can use explainer videos as a valuable media resource to communicate efficiently and practically complex information and health-related topics to doctors, employees and patients.

Utility Services

Explainer videos are important tools for all utility services to ensure transparency, customer satisfaction and provide more access to information. Using animations, we can design our utility world a little bit more exciting!

Financial Services

Dry statistics are made easier to digest by moving images and tasteful graphics. Animation videos are also a great way to inform customers and keep them up to date.

Non-Profit and NGOs

Using “Storytelling”, explainer videos can be very helpful to achieve an emotional connection with the public by and to raise awareness for the NGO.

Transportation Services

Whether local or long-distance transport, airplane, bus or tram, animated clips enable us to reach the end consumer more effectively with our information.

Telecommunication Providers

There are a variety of different services, from web access over mobile devices to normal telephone services. Explainer videos help to convey complex topics to consumers in a simplified way.

Travel Agencies

With an explainer video, travel agencies can not only present their services and products more excitingly but also easily communicate internal processes to their employees.

Event Providers

Explainer videos can be a powerful informative and entertaining tool for event providers to create a competitive edge and to increase customer demand.

Software as a Service (SaaS) Providers

Customers are proactively searching the web for solutions. Using an explainer video, you can arouse the interest of your customers and emphasize the “pain points”  you solve with your offer.

IT Providers

Complex IT and software terms and services presented in a way that is understandable for everyone! Information design and information technology go hand in hand!

B2C and Consumer Products Services

Explainer videos enable you to market the products in a creative and at the same time informative way and thus increase brand awareness.

B2B Services

If products and services are complex, explainer videos are important means to convey a clear and concise message, achieving measurable success.

Media Provider

Explainer videos are extremely powerful tools that deliver a competitive edge in any media company. They inform, clarify, build trust and entertain. Let’s shed some light on the media jungle.

Public Administration Services

An explainer video not only promotes solidarity among citizens and strengthens the sense of community, but can also communicate work processes more efficiently.

Our Clients

Each logo a different story. From small businesses to large corporations, and we're only showing a sample of businesses with who we've worked with. Feel free to explore by clicking through each of the industries tabs.