How We Work

We are all storytellers. When we take on a project, we come prepared for a fight. It’s a big challenge to take a complex idea and transform it into something that resonates. It’s a difficult process.

"When it comes to design, I truly believe we are better than our competitors because we never compromise on quality and have a strong in-house team. Not only that, but we work very closely with our customers to really understand their problem."

Project Manager

"I once had a client who was happy with literally everything we sent to him. I felt they really understood we could take the project forward and believed it was in safe hands. In the end they were always super excited to see the outcome of the next step!"

Project Manager

"For me, the best part of the process is the creative workshop. Clients get to see their product from a different angle and can look at it again with neutral eyes. It really helps them to clear their mind and focus on what's important."

Project Manager

This way, even the strangest ideas gets a chance to grow.

At Cleverclip, we aim to create the perfect product for our customers. In order to do that, each and every one of us has to give a hundred percent. And that’s exactly what we do – because information design is our passion.

The hospital stay with Hospush becomes a little more pleasant by entertainment possibilities and the maintenance personnel can react with few Klicks much faster and simpler. We were allowed to explain how Hospush works and how both sides - the patients and the hospital - can benefit from it. And with an explanatory video.

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Creative Workshop

We begin each project with a thorough briefing: a creative workshop where we examine the topic and target audience and look at all the key questions that need answering. We give the target audience a face by creating a user persona, making it easier to put ourselves in their place and really understand them and their needs. A detailed analysis of the target group is imperative for good information design.

Concept Proposal

Then we get down to business and our creative thinkers start the hard work. We produce a treatment to present a range of different approaches and styles with which we can explain the topic. We discuss these ideas with the customer, taking feedback as required and moving forward with their preferred ideas.


Once the basic idea is nailed down, our copywriters and visual artists can begin drafting the first storyboard. This helps to visualise the concept and provide an insight into what the finished product will look like. Here, we wait for feedback – and of course, hope we’ve convinced you with our design information expertise.

(...) suddenly, one of our clients came in and wanted to completely change the concept everyone had been working on. We fought for our idea, had some tough conversations, but in the end, we kept the concept. Later on, the client said that he was really impressed by that and they now trust us more than before - because we said NO.

Fabienne Project Manager


After getting as much feedback as possible and perfecting the design, we are ready for delivery. We rely on open dialogue, and it's important that both sides can provide honest feedback at each step in the process. This is what truly allows us to create a final product that is exactly what our customers and their target audience want.

Debrief & Close

We know that even when phrased as nicely as possible, constructive feedback can be brutal. We'd all much rather be told that our work is flawless, right? However, we know there is no such thing as perfection, and after each project, we always look to see if something could have been done better. This allows us to constantly improve and put new ideas into practice in subsequent projects.

Changes and criticism were professionally accepted and implemented quickly until we were completely satisfied with the solution.

Julie-Ann Trachsel Project collaborator strategic development

What can you expect?

An end-to-end process where you will feel your project is being given the attention it deserves. You'll be presented with innovative concepts that can sometimes be disruptive and make you step outside your comfort zone. You'll find open-minded people that will give you straight answers and facts over flavor.



Explaining gravitational force to a ten-year-old is an entirely different matter than explaining it to a physics student at university. Therefore, our motto is: know the user, know the problem, and then create a solution that is properly tailored to the target group – this has been our success model for years.


When the solution is demonstrated to work for the target group, we move on to production. This means we have to think like perfectionists! Our products have our full creative dedication, outstanding design, and tailor-made scripts – we are only satisfied with the best.


We use iterative procedures: if necessary, we’ll take two steps back before continuing forwards. Each milestone brings with it the possibility that the plan may not work, or only partly work, for the target group. When this happens we go back and make changes, deletions, and calibrations until the product functions flawlessly.


When we – together with our customers – decide on a solution, we view it first only as a hypothesis and go about testing it as quickly as possible. We’ll produce a prototype and carry out empirical research. This way, we can see immediately if something doesn’t work for the target group, and make the necessary adjustments.


Ideation is our motto. When we think about how best to explain a topic, we first bring all involved parties to the table. This way, it’s not just a few creative individuals who are brainstorming, it's the entire team. A diversity of views leads to a diversity of stories and approaches, enabling us to create the best solutions for our clients.