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A web video for the pilots of Austrian Airlines

A web video for Austrian Airlines helps pilots fly sustainably. The web video, “Sustainable Flying”, was created in quite an unusual way for us – by lottery. This is how it came about: in Graz for the marketing event “Fifteen Seconds”, we wanted to give our listeners something special and raffled off a free web video. The happy winner was – naturally, with the home advantage – an Austrian customer: Austrian Airlines.

The Task

The airline didn’t need long before it had a topic for us: sustainable flying. The purpose of the project was not to increase AUA pilots’ awareness of sustainable flying – something they’d long known about since their training days – but to help them recall all the tips and tricks they’d learned, and perhaps had forgotten since then.

The Solution

We decided on an easily understandable, casual web video in a typical (for us) scribble style. The thing is a great example of how easy it is to explain processes and internal strategies through short animation clips. No presentation, no workshop could have so easily reminded the pilots about the meaning of sustainable flying. These measures not only help the airline to reduce fuel consumption, they also help save both money as well as the environment.

To spice up a topic already familiar to the pilots, we came up with something special for the story itself. We personified the web video’s protagonist – the aircraft – in the form of Karl, who needs to lose weight so that he can fly effortlessly once more. Our scribble artists were delighted that they could finally draw clouds, without guilty consciences. The project ran smoothly. The feedback loops were short all the way through. The airline’s feedback was enormously helpful for us, however, because the customer had a lot of useful input to make Karl even fitter.

Unsurprisingly, our video begins with our protagonist, Karl. The extra kilos he’s carrying are quite evident: the aircraft is sluggish, and can barely move. A weight loss plan is in order. Coffee machines, magazines, entire libraries are thrown overboard. But that isn’t sufficient to achieve the necessary endurance. In comes AUA pilot Felix, who acts as Karl’s fitness trainer in order to get him fit to fly. Felix has all sorts of strategies for optimizing Karl’s fitness level – less fuel, for example. Not only are Karl and Felix satisfied, but the customer is, too – as are we. We should have lotteries like this more often.

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