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We create opportunities – a claim with emphasis

“We create opportunities” is the claim of Swisscontact. It is the guideline in their everyday life. We were allowed to show the bond of Swisscontact to their claim with an image video.

The Challenge

Linking a company with its slogan needs closeness. This is achieved in this case with video material of the completed projects. Here also already a difficulty: Swisscontact has collected video material from all projects over the years.

Many recordings mean a lot of potential, but also a lot of effort. And it was not only about the individual quality and the colors of the material – it was also about the interplay. In the end, the footage had to tell a story.

The final hurdle was Swisscontact’s new CI/CD. This point is less of a problem in completely digital videos, because we can use shapes and colors almost any way we want. In videos with prefabricated clips, we have less room for maneuver and have to work more discreetly.

The Solution

How do you find the right raw material from large amounts of video footage? With the storyline. We defined a storyline that had a clear structure, but still left enough room for the emotional character of the shots.

The animations, the editing and the sound are complex in such projects, so the storyboard was clearly our main tool. In several rounds of feedback, we worked with the client to create the appropriate basic framework.

The video material works on its own, so we prominently displayed CI/CD elements when no shots were involved and otherwise used them in the form of discreet text.

The storyline, animations, editing and sound design tie the raw footage together and give it just the right shape to show off the fundamentals of what they do.

About Swisscontact

Founded in 1959, Swisscontact is a leading organization for the implementation of international development projects. With over 100 projects in more than 30 countries, Swisscontact demonstrates that it takes its mission seriously: To promote inclusive, economic, social and environmental development. So that economically and socially disadvantaged people are given a chance to improve their situation through their own efforts.

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