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Visualisations as a basis for a discussion at the Big Picture Event

Big Picture Event – illustrations that stimulate discussion. Every two years, Bain and Company organises an event in Zurich for the CEOs of their most important customers. The “Big Picture” event. On this occasion, the heads of the economy meet in a place surrounded by art and discuss relevant and current topics. In 2017, the event took place under the motto “The Founder’s Mentality”.

The Task

The aim of the event is, on the one hand, to provide a platform for exchange and, on the other hand, to maintain customer proximity for Bain and Company. We at Cleverclip had the task of supporting the discussions at the event with two big illustrations. On one hand the challenge was to create images that had enough complexity to encourage a long discussion but on the other hand they had to be simple and quick to understand. In its simplicity, the pictures were supposed to encourage reflection and progression. The content was based on the essence of the book, Founder’s Mentality, by Chris Zook and James Allen. In terms of style, we were inspired by the artwork of Charley Harper’s Sticks.

The Solution

The result was a successful event in a special setting with a perfect location. After several joint brainstorming sessions with the speakers and presenters of the evening, the concepts for the two large, complex illustrations were created. The pictures show exactly the contents, which were important to the responsible individuals and have fulfilled their goal – to stimulate discussion.

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