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Video for the idea competition Wunschschloss

Dream Castle – Video for Swiss Venture Club and Strategy Dialog21. Every year, the Swiss Venture Club and Strategy Dialog21 organises the Dream Castle – an annual ideas competition on topics in the economic, social or political environment. To draw attention to the competition and to motivate the viewers to submit their personal ideas, we have produced a video that persuades with simplicity.

The Task

The goal of the Dream Castle ideas competition is to contribute to closing the gap between the economy, society, and politics. In 2017, the topic was

Globalisation. The goal of the video was to get as many people as possible to submit their ideas and enter the competition. The 10 best ideas are then presented at Thun Castle, with the audience selecting the winner. In addition to presenting his or her idea to a broad audience and discussing it with politicians, the winner could also look forward to an around-the-world ticket.

The Solution

We deliberately chose a smooth, simple style for this video. The focus should clearly be on the subject itself. And we hit the bullseye – our customer was so enthusiastic about the result that the order for another video was not long in coming.

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