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BNC’s IT Infrastructure Solutions Explained with FHNW

BNC reacts to the digital transformation

Digital change. What does that mean? What can we do? What opportunities are there for our company?

BNC wanted to explain what digital transformation is about and why they are the right partner for IT infrastructure solutions. Why did we come into play?

Because they wanted to explain the whole thing to the man with an explanation video. Said, done.

"For reasons of clarity, most animations usually have as few elements as possible. For this project we had the opportunity to create much richer and more complicated designs than usual with many small details. Given the color palette, it was a bit difficult to make all the elements rich enough in contrast. But the final animation is definitely different from our other projects."

Carlos Visual Artist

The Task

Business Networks Communication AG: a brief overview 

For 20 years now, the Swiss company BNC Business Network Communications AG has been an important player in the IT industry and offers individual services for the IT infrastructure.

With their technology partner “Netapp” they achieve optimal storage solutions, maximization of digital processes, as well as time and cost-efficiency.

Now they want to show how every company can benefit from digital transformation. So it was up to us to illustrate these process digitizations and how, why and why BNC is the perfect partner for IT infrastructure solutions.

The Solution

Cleverclip and BNC – from idea development to finished product 

Simple visualizations conceal a sophisticated concept and many questions: How exactly do we manage to illustrate complex task areas in the IT area comprehensively and comprehensibly – and in as short a video as possible?

How can we convey all the information visually in such a way that both experts and laypersons are interested in the topic?

Our aim was to make the complex subject areas comprehensible to the audience at a glance through interactive graphics and appealing design.

The result is a dynamic video, consisting of real film and animations, that presents the topic in a modern, clear and concise way.

A Convincing Result

By means of a short explanation video, we have succeeded in summarising information and services that are difficult to explain using text or static images in an aesthetically pleasing way.

By now at the latest, everyone should know how digital transformation can efficiently and effectively increase operational activities in a company and why BNC is the right contact.

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