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Trade fair film & Presentation Design for Glutz AG

How we made a successful presentation for Glutz AG from a trade fair film. The client wanted a trade fair film for innovative locking systems. No sooner said than done – so well, that it was followed by a presentation. Glutz AG produces locking systems that are used, for example, in hotels or public buildings, but also in private homes and apartments. In the trade fair film we produced, we highlight the advantages of smart systems – the presentation should be used as visual support for lectures.

The Task

Based on the design of the trade fair film, we have created a presentation to support the CEO in talks about the company. A simple PowerPoint presentation is unoriginal, boring, and hardly able to keep an audience’s attention. So the challenge for us was to develop a presentation design that communicates the most important facts about the company in an original way, and supports the presenter optimally.

The Solution

Since the basic design of the trade fair film already existed and the target group was largely the same, we were able to concentrate fully on the presentation design. It was clear to us from the beginning that a video like the trade fair film would not work. In contrast to a trade fair film that runs on the stand and functions on its own, the presentation should serve as visual support for a lecture given by the lecturer. For us, that means that we have to work according to the motto “less is more”. Therefore we decided to combine our proven icons with snappy text. The design and the concise and precisely texted content makes the presentation stands out from ordinary PowerPoint presentations. Without overloaded slides, we produced a visually convincing presentation for Glutz, which optimally accompanies presentations and lectures, stylistically oriented towards the trade fair film. Both the trade fair film and the presentation design were persuasive – and Glutz in turn gave us a unique opportunity to gain a detailed insight into the topic of smart-homes and their locking systems.

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