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The Ideas Competition Wunschschloss is entering a new round

A video that explains and motivates.

Like last year we were allowed to produce a video for the Swiss Venture Club and Strategy Dialog 21 in 2018, which presents this year’s Wunschschloss. In 2017 Robin Röösli won the competition. He introduced the idea of adapting vocational education to the global requirements: through foreign language teaching and exchange opportunities.

The Task

The theme of the ideas competition around the economy, society and politics in 2018 is “digitalisation”. How can digitization be designed so that as many parties as possible can profit from it? How can she become an opportunity for everyone? As in 2017, it was about presenting the theme in a video and motivating viewers to submit their own ideas.

The Solution

We had already worked out a simple and simple wish-lock style in 2017. Many aspects of the story also remained the same – for example, the process of the idea presentation in Thun. That’s why we were able to concentrate fully on this year’s topic: digitization. With existing concepts such as innovative educational offers or advanced transport systems, we have shown how digitalization shapes and simplifies our lives. And of course, the call was not missing to submit his own ideas.

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