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The FMH doctors' statistics: Numbers brought to life

The annual doctors' statistics on the current Swiss figures were supposed to be published. Our task was to pack those statistics into a vivid explainer video.

About FMH

The FMH is committed to ensure that all patients in Switzerland have access to high-quality and financially viable medical services. In the political decision-making process, the FMH advocates a balanced representation of its members’ interests and promotes cooperation between the various players in the Swiss healthcare system. The FMH is also actively involved in the provision of high-quality initial, continuing and advanced medical training.


The challenge

Numbers and statistics – a not quite so emotional and captivating topic and also a bit confusing for many of us. When we were faced with the task of publishing the annual Swiss doctors’ statistics, we were initially faced with the big question of how we could present the facts and figures in an understandable and entertaining format. Which animation style is particularly suitable? How do we make the statistics easily accessible? How do we guarantee that the viewer does not lose interest?

After a lot of brainstorming and a detailed workshop, we were finally able to present a successful approach.

The solution

In order to give the customer an early idea of our approach, we have already developed a prototype of our concept proposal at an early stage. As soon as we received the green light from the customer, we were able to get down to the actual project implementation: 

“Less is more” was our motto here. To ensure that the viewer can easily follow the numbers, we decided to use a digital animation based on simple symbols. At the beginning, the video presents the total number of doctors working in 2019, followed by concrete details. In order to make the statistics easier to remember, the most important key figures are summarised again at the end. 

The customer was very satisfied with the final product and is looking forward to further projects with us in the future. We appreciate the positive feedback and the cooperation.

The budget of the project was limited so we had to make sure that we chose a simple style, but still meet the customer's requirements. I think we succeeded and the video combines simplicity with a nice design.

Tim Project Manager

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