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Explainer video case study: Crossiety digital village square

The world is interconnected, but what exactly happens on our own doorstep? In the age of digitalization, an app should now bring the neighborhood closer together again. To demonstrate exactly how this works, we have created an explainer video.

What is Crossiety all about?

Crossiety is a Swiss company based in the canton of Zurich. The goal of Crossiety is to make social life more solidary and sustainable again. Crossiety’s digital village square is an interactive app that offers a local and trustworthy communication solution for the neighbourhood, the community and the region.  App users can inform themselves, communicate with each other and get involved.

The challenge

We are living in a fast-moving, digital age in which people are increasingly withdrawing from social life. For this reason, the digital village square is intended to bring more solidarity back to life and to promote the commitment of society. Our task was to make the video as vivid and inviting as possible – after all, we wanted to convince a broad audience to put more emphasis on neighbourhood help. 

We received a reference video from the client, which we were supposed to use as a rough guide. Admittedly, its enormously high quality and production standard made us break in sweat, as we had to reach, no… exceed this standard! After all, we are only satisfied when we deliver 120%. Well, it was time to spark ideas and prove our creative side… 

A successful video for a clever living together

With teamwork to the perfect end result! Our motion designers have joined together to combine the best skills. The result was a product that can definitely be shown. 

A colorful digital character animation combined with special sound effects takes the viewer on a visual journey through the digital village square. The advantages of the app are illustrated briefly and concisely – and are therefore easily accessible. In just a few steps we manage to get together with people from our neighbourhood and show some solidarity in the neighbourhood, according to the motto “for a clever living together”. 

The customer was very happy about the final video – and if the customer is happy, so are we!  We appreciate the cooperation and are looking forward to further projects.

I was part of the workshop and already then I realized that the client really cares about the video. These conditions make the workshop very interesting and efficient. During the project this can be challenging because the customer has a lot of input. But when I see the final result, I am just proud of the team!

Tim Project Manager

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